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Author Archives: Joanna Samuels

Joanna Samuels
Joanna Samuels, M.Ed., CMF, CTDP, RRP is the Employment Resource Specialist at Her expertise is in job development, job coaching, and workshop facilitation with people with disabilities and multi-barriers as well as staff training. Also, Joanna helps employers with diversity recruitment and selection, is a published author and columnist, as well as a certified Life Skills Coach, and certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator.

How to handle the video / online interview

Dear Joanna I’m scheduled for a live online interview on Skype with an overseas hi-tech company for the position of Project Manager for their Toronto office. Do you have any suggestions on how to tailor my interview presentation for this challenging format? Signed: Camera shy Dear Camera Welcome to the global labour market! There are tons of ways of interviewing ...

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Career advice for your kids

Dear Joanna I am a working parent of a 16-year-old high school student who is struggling to figure out a meaningful career path. He has pressure to start choosing his courses for next year, which will be his last year of high school. He has expressed an interest in going to university. My son has asked me for a career ...

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To do or not to do: The Exit Interview

Dear Joanna, I have resigned from my organization after many years of service. During my last couple of weeks of working, I received an exit interview questionnaire to be completed by HR. I must admit the questions were insightful and important. I would have welcomed an opportunity to provide my feedback while I was an employee rather than after I ...

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Identifying and marketing transferable skills

Dear Joanna As an experienced and accomplished internationally trained professional banker, and newcomer to Canada, I have started my job search by applying for jobs in my field. After a couple of months and countless applications, I have not received one phone call for an interview! How do I market my skills, qualifications, expertise and education to build my career ...

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Are Calling Cards Helpful?

Dear Joanna I’m going to a career and job fair next week. It promises to be a fantastic event with lots of employers looking to hire. I am an experienced building maintenance manager with over 10 years experience in managing the operations of different properties for a mid-sized company. Do I need to prepare and bring with me calling card ...

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How to handle a bad interviewer?

Dear Joanna I am very upset about my interview today. I was so prepared, dressed professionally and was ready for any question with a perfect handshake! Unfortunately, I got the feeling that the person interviewing me was the opposite. Unprepared, and inexperienced is my summary of him. How do I handle such an interviewer?

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