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Author Archives: Ilana Shneider

Ilana Shneider
Ilana Shneider is the co-editor of CIJnews and the founding executive director of Canada-Israel Friendship Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the mutually beneficial, long-standing diplomatic, economic and cultural ties between Canada and Israel. She can be reached at [email protected]

Jews form a human chain around an Islamic Community Centre in Vaughan, Ontario

More than 100 people formed a “ring of peace” outside of the Jaffari Community Centre in Vaughan, Ontario on March 3 while the congregants attended Friday prayers inside the mosque. The human chain commemorated the January 29 killing by Alexandre Bissonnette of 6 Muslim worshippers at a mosque in Quebec City. The event was a collaborative effort of Neshamah Congregation ...

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Judge acquits Halifax taxi driver of sexual assault because “a drunk can consent”

In a shocking ruling, a Halifax judge’s decision to acquit 39 year old Bassam Al-Rawi of sexual assault of a highly intoxicated female passenger resulted in nationwide condemnation and planned rallies, in addition to petitions and calls that the judge be investigated.

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Facebook restores Fatah official page; JDL page is still down

On Wednesday, Facebook reinstated the official account of the ruling Palestinian Authority faction Fatah after shutting it down earlier in the week. After the page was taken down, Palestinian Authority protested the closure as “evidence of unfair collaboration between Israel and Facebook against the Palestinians”.

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Immigration Minister defends reinstatement of Canadian citizenship to convicted terrorists

During a testimony to the Senate social affairs committee, Minister of Immigration Ahmed Hussen defended Bill C-6 which will, among other things, remove the grounds for revocation of Canadian citizenship from dual nationals convicted for treason or terrorism offences.

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British Holocaust denier’s entry into Canada disappoints Jewish groups

Alison Chabloz, a notorious British Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, was allowed to enter Canada to participate in an event organized by white supremacist group Blood & Honour, reported the National Post. On their website, Blood & Honour referred to Chabloz as a “chanteuse credited with single-handedly importing from France and popularizing in Britain the anti-establishment, anti-PC, anti-Zionist, anti-powers-that-be quenelle salute”.

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Toronto neighbourhood ties white ribbons in solidarity with Muslims

A group of residents in Toronto’s Roncesvalles Village initiated a grassroots campaign in support of the city’s Muslim community by tying white ribbons around street posts and trees. Other residents are pinning the ribbons, some of which include the messages “All Faiths Welcome” and “Diversity is our Strength” to their coats to express their personal show of solidarity. The campaign ...

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CIJA slams “skewed” poll initiated by anti-Israel groups

A new EKOS poll of Canadian attitudes on Israel-Palestine, co-sponsored by Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV), Canadian for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), Dimitri Lascaris and Murray Dobbin revealed that 46% of those surveyed viewed Israel negatively, and only 28% viewed Israel positively.

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