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Author Archives: CIJnews Staff

CIJnews Staff
CIJnews is an independent, dynamic and reliable online news source that serves the Canadian Jewish and Israeli communities and provides an uncensored platform for the spectrum of voices.

Toronto pro Islam protest calls for changing the white supremacist Islamophobic system

The anti-Islamophobia, anti “white”-supremacy and anti Justin Trudeau protest at Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square on Saturday, March 4, 2017 highlighted the following messages: “Refugees welcome, (Fascists not), Yes to refugees, No to Islamophobia, No to war in Syria and Iraq [against ISIS, Daesh, Caliphate]”. For more information click HERE.

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Wynne: “Incentives for green energy were too generous”; “we’ve had to bring them down”

Toronto Star defends Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s decision to cut the hydro bills by 25 per cent that will provide “relief both for ratepayers and for a provincial government that has been wearing this issue like a millstone.”

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Toronto Star doubts whether “slay them one by one” is a hate crime

Jennifer Yang, Identity and Inequality Reporter for the Toronto Star, posted on February 27, 2017 an article entitled “Why hate crimes are hard to prosecute.” Yang noted that incidents of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia draw attention to the difficulty of prosecuting hate crimes, but “the law is cautious not to infringe on free speech.” The article refers also to the supplications recited ...

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