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Author Archives: Ed Dubrovsky

Ed Dubrovsky
Ed Dubrovsky is a leading cybersecurity expert, CISO, speaker and university educator. Ed is frequently found working on securing critical information assets and systems such as critical infrastructure (power grids, water treatment facilities) and businesses. Ed can be reached at [email protected]

Cyber-attacks against Jewish and Israeli sites planned on April 7

The hacking group anonymous, and in particular a Palestinian off-shoot of the organization are already in the midst of heated discussions, on various online forums, their intent to proceed with the annual campaign of attacking Jewish and Israeli websites and other related digital assets beginning Friday April 7, 2017. The annual campaign which originally dates back to 2013, became an ...

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Lessons in Cyber-security: Lesson 2: Phishing

In this second article of a series (slightly over-due I admit) we aim to educate users about some of the dangers in Cyber-space. Today’s focus is around a malicious technique known as phishing. Phishing is a process where a blackhat (or malicious individual) attempts to defraud an individual or organization from some of their high-value assets. High-value assets can be ...

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Lessons in Cyber-security: Lesson 1: Ransomware

In this first article of a series where we aim to educate users about some of the dangers in Cyber-space affecting both home and business users alike. Today, we will focus on malware (malicious software that its sole intent is to harm the user and their digital assets) and specifically a special kind of malware named ransomware.

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