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Author Archives: Doris Strub Epstein

Doris Strub Epstein
Doris is a multimedia journalist with many years of experience. She has worked in radio, television and print journalism and writes on a variety of topics, especially the crucial issues in Canadian and Jewish life.

John Henry Patterson, the Jewish Lawrence of Arabia and the Jewish Brigade

Like “Lawrence of Arabia” John Henry Patterson was an Anglo -Irish outsider who believed that the Jews had a right to reconstitute their nation in the land of Israel and was an avid supporter of the 1917 Balfour Declaration. In l922, it became the basis for an act if international law which granted Palestine the homeland of the Jewish people ...

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First Channukah in Kanata

A story-telling odyssey, full of songs – First Channukah in Kanata (1759), by Allan Merovitz, actor, singer, storyteller. Allan tells the story of Aaron Hart, often known as the first Jew in Canada, with traditional Channukah songs.

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Renowned Israeli jewel artist to relocate for “new beginnings”

After seven years at her upscale Thornhill atelier, Ayala Raiter, whose jewellery is often called wearable art, has decided to relocate. She had expanded to include exhibits from artists as well but now, with the move, she will focus only on her art. “I believe I have accomplished some of my interests,” she said, “and now I will focus only ...

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ISIS ideology flourishes despite losses, MEMRI VP Fernandez

Several months ago, the Globe and Mail reported that a “group” that monitors militant groups online found a hit list with scores of Canadian on it. The list names individuals, e mail addresses and home addresses of thousands of others around the world. It was accompanied by a graphic that stated: “You are gathered against us. We will kill you ...

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Sinai and Sexuality: LGBT Jews talk about God, Torah and personal identity

Panel discussion with Andrew Dale, Joanna Halpern, Gidon Feen, Miriam Herman, Dr. Elliott Malamet will take place at CHAT Tanenbaum, 200 Wilmington Ave., 7:30 pm, Saturday December 3. In this honest and groundbreaking discussion, Dr. Malamet talks with four young and deeply engaged LGBT individuals bout how they understand and live with the challenges, tensions and opportunities of encountering Judaism. ...

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