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Author Archives: Mitch Wolfe

Mitch Wolfe
Mitch Wolfe is a writer, political analyst and social commentator. He writes and has written for Huffington Post, iPolitics, The Rebel Media, Canada Free Press CIJNews. He is the author of the brilliant book “Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House”, which has been available since September on You can follow him on Facebook as Mitch Wolfe and on Twitter @MWolfe9216

Rose Wolfe- A Giant in the Jewish Community and The Greater Canadian Community

With sadness but with also incredible admiration and awe I wish to share the passing of my cousin Rose Wolfe, this past Friday. Rose, like my own dearly departed mother Annalee, was an incredible driving force. Rose was a member of the University of Toronto’s Governing Council for many years+ she was U of T Chancellor from 1991-1997. In 1999, ...

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My Long Term Democratic Women Friends Have Unfriended Me on Facebook- WTF?

This 18 month long and polarizing American election has been truly surreal+absurd. One of the truly strange effects of this election is that certain of my female friendships that had endured for decades- through good times and bad times. Through career highs and career failures. Through personal disappointment. Through joy, happiness and the thrill of victory and personal achievement.

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FBI avoids recommending indictment against Clinton to protect Obama

According to FBI files released on Friday, Obama on June 28, 2012 communicated by email using a fake name with Hillary’s private unsecure email. And as such, they knowingly passed classified information between each other outside of secure proper government controls. As a result, they are both guilty of breaching the Espionage Act and both Obama and Hillary should be ...

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Trump’s law and order message will triumph over pro BLM Hillary in November

Then Trump against all expectations, came out with a rational and reasoned prepared statement where he sympathized with the deaths of the black fellows and the 5 Dallas cops gunned down and their respective families, and he declared himself the law and order candidate who was and has always been pro cop and pro law and order.

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