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McGill student leader who urged his followers to “punch a Zionist today” resigns under pressure

Following a firestorm of outrage and calls to resign for inciting violence after he urged his twitter followers to “punch a Zionist today”, Igor Sadikov, a student leader at McGill University finally handed in his resignation from the student board, citing pressure from the McGill administration which allegedly threatened to withhold student fees if the Student Society did not publicly ...

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Mississauga Mayor says criticizing Islam, Mohammad is allowed; “No Sharia Law in Canada”

Bonnie Crombie, Mayor of Mississauga, the sixth most populous city in Canada, reassures Canadians that Motion 103, aka the anti-Islamophobia motion, will not restrict the freedom of speech, including the right to openly criticize Islam and its founder Mohammad who is deemed by Muslims as the final Prophet.

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Conference highlights Israel as the last hope for Christians in the Middle East

“If Christianity [in the Middle East] survives, it will not be because of any interest taken by Christians in our part of the world. But rather because the State of Israel, the people of Israel, and conscientious Jews everywhere, are dedicated to saving it,” said Dr. Paul Merkley, Professor of History at Carleton University earlier this week in a panel ...

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