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StandWithUs condemns McGill students’ inaction against “incitement to violence”

StandWithUs Canada, an organization “dedicated to educating people of all ages about Israel and to combating the extremism and anti-Semitism”, issued on February 13th, 2017, a statement condemning the Student Society at McGill University (SSMU) for voting against the removal of Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) Representative Igor Sadikov.

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Quebec, Ontario imams say apostates to be executed by The Islamic State

Since 2015 Sheharyar Shaikh serves as the Imam of the Islamic Society of Kingston, Ontario and he also served as the President of North American Muslim Foundation and the Imam of Masjid Qurtabah in Scarborough, Ont. In recent years, he also took part in Dawah (introducing Islam to disbelievers) with activists affiliated with the Islamic booth at Toronto’s Dundas Square.

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