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ISIS ideology flourishes despite losses, MEMRI VP Fernandez

Several months ago, the Globe and Mail reported that a “group” that monitors militant groups online found a hit list with scores of Canadian on it. The list names individuals, e mail addresses and home addresses of thousands of others around the world. It was accompanied by a graphic that stated: “You are gathered against us. We will kill you ...

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Trudeau calls on Muslims to join Conservative Party, fight anti-Muslim sentiments

In a roundtable discussion with Syrian refugees, sponsors and Matt Galloway, the host of CBC Toronto’s Metro Morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated his belief that Canada is benefiting from welcoming refugees, slammed those who “play on fears” or “highlight differences” and called on Muslim Canadians to join also the Conservative Party to confront anti-Muslim sentiments like those expressed by ...

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Trudeau solves physics problems with Toronto teachers

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered remarks and participated in a Q&A session at Elementary Teachers of Toronto Federation Day 2016 held on Friday, December 2, 2016 at Toronto Congress Centre. Alongside the hot political issues, Trudeau shared with the teachers his experience as a student and a substitute teacher at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver and gave some ...

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