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The Magic Flute Coming to the Four Seasons

One of Mozart’s most beautiful and most beloved masterpieces The Magic Flute is coming to the Canadian Opera House. The Magic Flute, Mozart’s last opera, premiered in Vienna in 1791 with much success, only a couple of months shy of Mozart’s untimely death a month before his 36th birthday. From the Canadian Opera House website: “The depth of Mozart’s genius ...

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Past Life one of the best films of this year, to screen at TJFF Chai Tea

Past Life is a haunting, mystery-thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Emotionally wrenching, it has indelible characters and true suspense. Deftly layered, it is also a story of loss, love and how the past shapes the present. Complex and deeply moving.

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BBC’s skit “Real Housewives of ISIS” stirs controversy

The Facebook group “Converts To Islam” which give platforms also to Canadians converts to Islam, slams the latest BBC’s skit entitled “Real Housewives of ISIS” which mocks the Islamic State (aka IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Calipahte) for abusing women and denying them basic human rights. On January 9. 2017, “Converts To Islam” shared a post written by Abdulrahim Elmi who ...

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