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No, the world did not fall apart with the arrival of white people in America – Part 1

We have never been held together by blood or background. We are bound by things of the spirit –shared commitments to common ideals. George W. Bush at Dallas Memorial I have been writing a great deal about the social contract and the ethic that underpins our country, Canada. And I have been reading the many comments. I realize that, sadly, ...

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Black Lives Matter continues to parody itself in public

Less than a week after a racist, black supremacist murdered five police officers in the worst mass-shooting of law enforcement in American history, a co-founder of Toronto’s Black Lives Matter movement came out and blamed the horrific massacre on – I kid you not – white supremacy, colonialism and capitalism. She added that attacks on police officers are to be ...

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How to handle a bad interviewer?

Dear Joanna I am very upset about my interview today. I was so prepared, dressed professionally and was ready for any question with a perfect handshake! Unfortunately, I got the feeling that the person interviewing me was the opposite. Unprepared, and inexperienced is my summary of him. How do I handle such an interviewer?

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Terrorism, Islam and Apologetics

I am not anti-Muslim and I do not consider myself politically to be on the far-right. On the contrary, I embrace any rendition of Islam that teaches tolerance and pluralism. At the same time, I am not blind to the harsh reality — namely that there exists a rendition of Islam that does not conceal its hostile toward tolerance and ...

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Not ready to retire

I just retired from my career that spanned over 25 years. I miss my job, I miss the people at my former workplace, I miss the money, and I miss the action. Even though I have countless hobbies and interests, I would like to get back into the buzz and excitement of the working world. What should I do?

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How to Create Healthy Habits

You know that you should eat better, and exercise more. But there’s also a force pulling you in the other direction. That force is chocolate cake, and another re-run of Friends, American Idol, or Game of Thrones. So how do you establish the healthy habits that you know you should have? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article.

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