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Why does Ontario government establish skin colour as a criterion for financial support?

What is happening to Canada? We welcome people from all over the world with the idea that we become Canadians. And then we sub-divide. In the call of our Prime Minister to be proud of our diversity, he is doing his best to divide us up into groups; each demanding special treatment.

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Jordan at the Precipice

By Daniel Pipes “We’re in dire straits.” So spoke Jordan’s King Abdullah a half-year ago. A just-completed week of intensive travels and discussions throughout Jordan finds no one disagreeing with that assessment. Jordan may no longer be hyper-vulnerable and under siege, as it was in decades past; but it does face possibly unprecedented problems.

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Are You In Pain?

You’re in pain. Something hurts. Maybe it’s your shoulder, or your back or your knee. And you’ve tried strengthening, you’ve tried stretching, you’ve tried ultrasounds, creams, muscle relaxants, pills, you name it, but the pain won’t go away.

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How to handle the video / online interview

Dear Joanna I’m scheduled for a live online interview on Skype with an overseas hi-tech company for the position of Project Manager for their Toronto office. Do you have any suggestions on how to tailor my interview presentation for this challenging format? Signed: Camera shy Dear Camera Welcome to the global labour market! There are tons of ways of interviewing ...

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