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Can Rubio and the GOP Elites Be Any More Inept?

Simple answer. I still do not think we have the seen the depths of stupidity that Rubio and the GOP elites (Senate Majority Leader McConnell, House Speaker Ryan, Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, Mr. 1% himself, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, Bush’s diabolical Svengali et al) will descend. In their own ridiculous efforts of cutting of their noses, their limbs and their ...

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Conservative David Brooks of the New York Times Made a Complete Fool of Himself on PBS

I just love watching these stuffed shirt pundits, be they liberals or conservatives make utter asses of themselves. So-called conservative pundit David Brooks of the New York Times embarrassed himself and his newspaper on national television on PBS last night during Super Tuesday.

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Israeli Muslims and Jews Unite; Want To Be Left Alone

After years of quiet, candid photo’s of Jews and Muslims sitting and not talking in Israel being taken on a daily basis, two young Israelis are finally speaking up. Yair Bloomstein and Isra Habiba, two young, urban, university educated Israelis have teamed up to raise awareness of the annoyance of people taking photo’s of the country’s Jews and Muslims together, ...

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