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The average price of a detached home in Toronto has risen 12.5% to over $1,070,000

By Rachel Sekler and Susan Young October was another record month for sales in the GTA with a combined 8,804 home sales being reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). This marks the sixth record-setting month of 2015 and there is little doubt that a new annual benchmark will be set before the year is out. Looking closer at ...

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Open letter to Peterborough Beth Israel synagogue: Be aware of radical Islamism

While I admire the attempt at inter-faith respect by allowing Muslims from Al-Salaam mosque to pray at Beth Israel synagogue, this mosque is very radical. Its Imam, Shazim Khan and guest speakers at the mosque, Bilal Philips, Musleh Khan, Abu Usamah at-Thahabi and Alaa Elsayed have expressed radical views. Some justified marital rape and others child marriage and beating your ...

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Thornhill South Becoming the New North

The real estate market continues to break records, yet the overall picture is marred in Alberta, where the economic crisis caused a significant drop in real estate prices, and it seems that this is only the beginning of a trend in light of the cancellation of the projects of laying oil pipelines to British Colombia and the United States.

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