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Lessons in Cyber-security: Lesson 1: Ransomware

In this first article of a series where we aim to educate users about some of the dangers in Cyber-space affecting both home and business users alike. Today, we will focus on malware (malicious software that its sole intent is to harm the user and their digital assets) and specifically a special kind of malware named ransomware.

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MANPADS Threats To Civilian Aviation

What crashed the Russian Airbus A321 in the Sinai Peninsula is yet to be determined. The British Telegraph reported an ISIS “bomb plot was uncovered by British spies,” while ISIS’s claimed it downed the Russian plane flying at 30,000 feet with a MANPAD (Man Portable Air Defense System); a claim that was dismissed outright by counterterrorism and aviation experts. Strangely ...

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Who is Canada’s new Prime Minister? – Fact-finding walk with Justin Trudeau

Aryeh Green, an expert on Israel, media issues, human rights in the Middle East, spoke about media bias at a breakfast meeting I attended in New York. At the end we talked about the election of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Green had read that Trudeau’s policies would not be that different from Prime Minister Harper.

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