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How much is your house worth?

June summery There is “Record Sales and Strong Price Growth in June” according to the publications of the Toronto Real Estate Board. An 18.4% increase in sales in comparison to June 2014. The sales’ prices also went up dramatically in all major home types, a 12.3% increase on average compared to June last year, to $639,184. In the GTA, we ...

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The US-Israel Strategic Partnership

In recent years, Israel has evolved from a supplicant – benefitting from US generosity – to a strategic partner, benefiting vital US national security interests. From a national security consumer, Israel has been transformed into a national security producer. In 2014, General Chuck Krulak, former Commandant of the US Marine Corps, remarked that “the formulation of US battle tactics is ...

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The Benefits of Volunteering

Dear Joanna, Many employment counsellors have recommended that I volunteer as a strategy to build my career as a new immigrant and recent graduate looking for work in my field of environmental sustainability. How can I work for someone for free? I am over my head in student loans and dealing with resettlement issues. What do you think? Signed: Free ...

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Post-modern anti-semitism: proselytizing

The existential threats to Israel are many but there’s one we’re ignoring at our own peril: Proselytizing. Granted, proselytizing isn’t in your face like rockets, terrorists or BDS, but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous to Am Yisrael. Michael Oren said: “I have no statistics on the size of the Messianic community, but I think certainly that the State ...

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To Rent or To buy?

The real estate transaction results for the month of May, according to the publication of the Toronto Real Estate Board, show continuation in the trends we’ve seen since the beginning of the year which are characterized with a constrained supply, strong demand and competition between buyers that continue to result in a very strong price growth. According to Jason Mercer, ...

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