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Welcome to Canada, Where Truth is a Human Rights Violation

In late 2016, Canada’s Liberal government officially passed legislation amending its Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) to include perceived transgressions against transgender individuals. The bill passed with no recorded votes — meaning the publicly elected legislators passed it via secret ballot. The bill’s implications were largely lost in the news cycle amidst the heated US presidential election.

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My Long Term Democratic Women Friends Have Unfriended Me on Facebook- WTF?

This 18 month long and polarizing American election has been truly surreal+absurd. One of the truly strange effects of this election is that certain of my female friendships that had endured for decades- through good times and bad times. Through career highs and career failures. Through personal disappointment. Through joy, happiness and the thrill of victory and personal achievement.

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To do or not to do: The Exit Interview

Dear Joanna, I have resigned from my organization after many years of service. During my last couple of weeks of working, I received an exit interview questionnaire to be completed by HR. I must admit the questions were insightful and important. I would have welcomed an opportunity to provide my feedback while I was an employee rather than after I ...

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Prime Minister Trudeau’s affection for despots, autocrats and Islamists

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau displayed his affection for fascism on the death of Fidel Castro. “We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.” He seems to be following in the footsteps of his father Pierre. Members of Parliament, media outlets in Canada, and around the world expressed their shock at his comments.

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