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Palestine House: “Justin Trudeau represents our dream”, “you are our choice”

On February 18, 2017 the Palestine House (البيت الفلسطيني) and the Arab Palestinian Association (المجلس الكندي الفلسطيني) held in Mississauga, Ontario an event in solidarity with the Palestinian people celebrating the 52 anniversary of the Palestinian revolution that started with Fatah movement’s first armed attack against Israel on January 1, 1965. Liberal MP Omar Alghabra attended the event.

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Sajjan reveals how peacefully he stopped terrorist attacks near Kandahar airfield

Speaking at the Ottawa Forum, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan outlined the role of Canada’s military under Justin Trudeau government emphasizing the importance of learning the lessons of past mistakes by adopting a new strategy that gives priority to peaceful solutions based on analyzing the all factors rather than using military force.

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Ontario budget includes $47 million in finding for “targeted support for Black youths”

2017 Ontario Budget announced on Thursday, April 28, 2017, includes a “Black Youth Action Plan” as part of its policy to address racism and to to advance equality for all Ontarians. The following the details of the “Ontario Black Youth Action Plan”:

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Michael Coren says Islam tolerated Christians and saved them from extinction

Michael Coren, Toronto author, print and broadcast journalist who left the Catholic Church for Anglicanism, argues that throughout history Islam tolerated Christians, and even saved them from extinction. According to Coren, the US war in Iraq led by a Christian President and supported by Christian groups is the cause for the mass exodus of Christians from Iraq and Syria.

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