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Justin Trudeau. Photo: PMO

Trudeau on Christmas: “Canadians continue to welcome Syrian refugees”

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued on December 24, 2016 a statement to mark Christmas commending Canadians for opening their hearts and homes to those most in need as it was demonstrated during the wildfires in Fort McMurray, and in the continuous willingness of Canadians to welcome Syrian refugees.

The following the Trudeau’s statement:

“Merry Christmas, Canada!

“The holiday season is truly my favourite time of the year. As we come together with loved ones, let us reflect on how fortunate we are to call this beautiful country home.

“Living in Canada comes with a responsibility to be there for each other – and not just during this time of year, but each and every day. After all, Canadians helping others – no matter the distance that separates them – is what this country is all about.

“When tragedy struck Fort McMurray, and thousands of Canadians were forced to leave their homes, thousands more came together to make sure evacuated families had a place to stay, clothes to wear, and food to eat.

“Today, as Canadians continue to welcome Syrian refugees, we open our hearts and homes to those most in need. Together, we demonstrate that better is always possible and that, in difficult times, we are at our very best.

“So, during this season of hope, let us reach out to those who are hurting most. Let us give back in whatever way we can, and make sure this holiday season is a happy time for everyone. There is no holiday tradition more timeless than that.

“I also ask you take a moment to remember the brave women and men of the Canadian Armed Forces – and their families – who make incredible sacrifices to protect our country.

“As we look to the new year, and get ready to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, I know our best days are yet to come.

“From Ella-Grace, Hadrien, Xavier, Sophie and me, to your family: Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and all the best in 2017.”

When asked about his leadership style, a news conference in Calgary after speaking to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce (December 21, 2016) Trudeau said that he is just carrying out the wishes of Canadians to share responsibility in helping other nations around the world and bringing in refugees. The context of Trudeau’s statement strongly suggests that he referred to the resettlement of more than 37,000 Syrian refugees in Canada since November 2015 and the federal government’s commitments for more than $9 billion in funding to other countries and agencies of the United Nations. For details further details on the Syrian refugees click HERE and Canada’s foreign aid click HERE.

The following is a excerpt of the interview:

I know that this place [Calgary] matters and the people here and the challenges you’re facing and the solutions you’re bringing forward are strong and important, but not so different from everyone right across the country. We’re worried about the same things, we share the same values from coast to coast to coast.

So if I’m able to stand up and make a pitch for Canada on the world‘s stage it’s because Canadians allow me to.

When people talk about you know welcoming refugees and being open to the world, it’s not me deciding that we’re going to do that or imposing it on all of you, it’s Canadians who asked me: Can we do more, can we welcome [Syrian] refugees into our communities.

Provinces, municipalities stepping up, Canadians understanding that we share responsibility in the world, and as I talk with people in the world stage, whether it’s an economic conference like Davos, talking to global investors, people are very very interested. They’re seeing that rate of return and the profits that they thought they were going to be making in different parts of the world, haven’t materialized the same way because the risks are so high and deeper looking for safe places to invest their capital for a long term.”

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  1. You’re an idiot if you think we buy into your fakeness ,you moron…

  2. Alberta Oil Patch Worker

    Trudeau, I do not support those “refugees”. How about you support Canadians that are unemployed because of you and Notley being lousy leaders! Start working on creating jobs before bringing more of those arabs over and putting more of a drain on our already severely hurting economy

  3. The majority of Canadians are SICK of the refugees!!!! Trudeau doesnt speak for everyone!!! Canadians are sick of the violence that accompanies the refugees!!! This is exactly whats going to happen here if we dont stop it!!!!

  4. This didn’t have much to do with Christmas. His other greetings are to Muslims, about Islam, or to Jews about Judaism …, but a Christmas message is to Canadians about refugees….?

  5. Gosh, I’m sick of this guy already.

  6. Our ancestors worker thousands of years to build this country, in less than 1year, Trudeau-Alghabra team and their gang ruined it. Pray for Canada, 3 more years it will be lost. 35000 more every years, of this islamic invasion are coming in, plus all the US left over, we are now a dump, with open borders! Note Trudeau signed with the Europe Union, he calls this, free exchange!

  7. Worst Prime Minister this country has ever had. George Soros through Gerald Butts owns Canada and is well on the way to turning this once great country into a multicultural swamp.

  8. I have not met or talked to one solidtary single persons who belives this rot and garbage….You are not fooling anybody no not one….

  9. No, no, no… We DON’T want them.. I wish Trump would takeover Canada.. I have lost all faith in our governing parties.. ALL Of THEM

  10. Did he just say, it didn’t work in other parts of the world? And it doesn’t profit the trades that matter, it profits starbucks and tim hortons. We have enough fast-food staff, thousands of young earners are sitting in tneir parents basement, waiting for a break. These actions are treacherous, and unlawful. .

  11. All you can talk about, every time you open your mouth is “Syrians”! What is wrong with your brain anyway? Canadians voted you in to help our Country and all you can think of is bringing Syria to Canada and destroying Canada. If you hated Canada so much, why didn’t you move to Syria; it would have cost Canada a lot less? Guess what, Canadians would not miss you at all if you moved elsewhere!

  12. He like to be like europe welcoming refugees and terror attack .In the end that will come.This is a big problem.

    • The lunatic merkel is telling the German people after the refugee decided to run people down at the Christmas market that islamists are justified in their anger. This is the politicans of this lib thinking idiot world. Who have sold their souls to islam.

  13. Trudeau continues to welcome Syrian refugees!

  14. Jihadi Justin you Delusional Brain Dead Son of a Bastard you can go to hell

  15. The only welcome we have left is INTEGRATE . Leave youre ideolgy back in the hell hole you came from.

  16. People opening their homes to the fort McMurray fire victims are not the same as opening to refugee’s…get that straight turdo. You take in the refugee’s into your house. Stop saying people are welcoming and have open arms. WE DON’T and WE AREN’T. We’ve had enough. Soon Canada will be like Sweden..the rape capital of the world..or like Germany, another rape country. In Italy they are forcing shop owners to lodge refugee’s and if they don’t then their shops get confiscated. Let Saudia Arabia take them in. They haven’t taken in any. Why?? Because there might be radicals in the bunch. And the majority of these SO-CALLED refugee’s are all YOUNG MEN. They aren’t just from Syria but they come from Somolia and other parts over there where there is no war. So turdo..WE DON’T HAVE OPEN ARMS FOR ANY MORE IMMIGRANTS. GET THAT STRAIGHT.!!.

  17. Notice how we are constantly being programmed. Does anyone remember the analogy of the boiled frog story? Well this is it.

  18. charity begins at home, u dunce

  19. You are beginning to annoy a lot of people…continuing with the bs that Canadians are welcoming MORE refugees..enough is enough. No we do not want anymore and certainly you have work to do with those that are here and you have not looked after. Why are you not listening…we do not welcome anymore at this time and certainly not the numbers you are quoting…stop with the bs.

  20. I have not heard one Canadian wishing to bring more burden here . guess as justin is Canadian he means it`s him continuing to welcome burden to our Country.

  21. Listen to the majority of the Canadians…..we have ENOUGH refugees to pay for many years.

  22. Hi everyone. It’s alllllll about me!!!

  23. Sorry Justine but my feelings are that we have enough Syrians here for the time being. If you continue to bring them in and not meet their needs it will cause many of them to radicalize. Do you want radical Muslims here in Canada Justin? I don’t and every Canadian I know feels the same way about risking our lives to meet your and the UNs agenda. Let’s see how your Muslims fit in before we saddle Canadians with any more of them. I would wish you a Merry Christmas but I don’t want to risk radicalizing your friends.

    • Most Canadian do feel the same way as you do, so far they are not fitting in all they do is demand us to change our way of life to suit them this is wrong, they need to change to our way of life if they want to live in our country.

  24. No we don’t only your sheeple do!!!!

  25. Trudeau needs to stop saying Canadians continue to welcome refugees with open arms. We don’t want them here or need them here. You Mr Trudeau need to take care of the Canadian people before you care for refugees. There are thousands and thousands of Canadians who need lots of help. Why are you not putting Canadians first. Us Canadians think that should be your first priority… Canadians just like Americans are tired of always being second.. Do what you were elected to do, take care of Canadians….

    • YES!!! AGREED…..if Canadains were to open their homes and hearts …….maybe they could start AT HOME!!! It is very sad that one can drive past a chruch or empty buildings ……and there be homeless , and others struggling in these times. This , “little potatoes” greeting means nothing …..but to try to place himself on the world stage and the U.N !!!!

    • I think the word is narcissist…it is all about JT

    • Wow, the ‘we’ have suddenly discovered some needy in Canada. Lets face it, some people will use any excuse to turn their backs on refugees unless it is their families.

    • Billy S White l agree with every thing that you said we are so tired of Justin Trudeau putting this refugees first.

    • Matthew Gemmell we do have needy people in Canada. Lets face it, people like you have not done mush research in what this Syria refugees believe in, it call Sharia Law. Type in Sharia Law: the silent take over of Europe and America immigration crisis 2016 and watch the video and after you are done then if you still feel the same way and still say that we use any excuse to turn their backs on Sharia refugees. Look what happened in France they found guns, and all kinds of weapons and tunnels in the basement of three of their Mosques which is their so called religious place that they go to pray. Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he wants a “total” and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on. And he said that he will support a ban on immigration only from countries that had been compromised by terrorism. What is wrong with Justin Trudeau why does he think that he has to keep bring more of these kind of refugees into our country. Gave your head a shake.

    • This pm says it is Canadians who want refugees, that way when the really terrible stuff happens where they can’t just pretend it’s not happening, happens, when the whole world hears. He believes he will not be blamed as we asked for it.

    • NO Mat. my Father was displaced came to Canada with only a small suit case and no money he found his way into the quebec bush and became a lumber jack working very hard ,,,I COULD CONTINUE with this story but I WOULD RATHER POINT out ,,, the handouts justin is giving to the lazy well fair votes he brought into this country we pay for just for votes.justin trudeau makes me sick

    • really there is a problem with liberal voters wake up before justin,,,kathleen ruin our Country.

    • He is using newly brought in refugees to vote for him wake up CANNADA WAKE UP .

  26. Way to make Christmas about your agenda. Good speech Gerald Butts.

    *Slow golf clap

  27. It won’t be a Merry Christmas for all of the people that have lost their jobs because of Justin. sad that he thinks of everyone except Canadians.

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