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Protest against radical Islam outside Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention

On Saturday, December 24, 2016, the second day of the annual conference “Reviving the Islamic Spirit” (RIS), a group of Christian evangelists and fellow activists gathered in front of the Toronto Convention Centre to protest against the radical teachings of Islam which are adopted by major Islamic groups around the world, including in Canada.

Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim of Palestinian descent who was raised in Saudi Arabia, told her own personal experience under Islamic Law (Sharia) explaining that she was taught to believe that the jihad and the death in the path of Allah is one of the major principles of Islam.

Solomon is an outspoken activist against radical Islam in Canada. During the last year, she took part in several protests in the Greater Toronto Area to increase the awareness of Canadians to the danger of radicalization and promote a message of peace based on separation of state and religion and zero tolerance towards the use of religious beliefs to promote hatred.

She expressed her disappointment that CBC did not cover the protest even though it was held just across the street where its offices are located. Police separated between the two groups to protect the protester and prevent any friction.

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  1. “Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool.” – Mark Twain

  2. Come on true Canadians. If you want a free Canada for your kids and grandkids, ;you better speak up against this anti-canadian and anti-peaceful group, and Trudeau needs to be impeached asap. Speak up while you still have a voice without worrying if you will lose your head or be in jail. Wake up. Stop sitting on the fence. That is not the Canadian way. Have Trudeau removed from office, maybe even from Canada the traitor he is.

  3. Wake up world. Even a true Muslim can see through this brainwashing it’s time to look at the narrow mindedness of Islam.

  4. Now that is a protest I approve of wholeheartedly

  5. Things are WORSE than people think! The Nazis AND the Muslims got together during WW2 and formed the Muslim Brotherhood! Bush is a Nazi and Obama is a Muslim they blame the “Jews” for everything!

  6. Ausome! We need more of this and bigger crowds of people!

  7. John Scott
    Gotta get rid of him way before the next election or there won’t be any Canada left by then ! IT ‘ LL BE CANADASTAN complete with suicide bombers in the malls and CHRISTIANS will be fighting for our lives !!!!

  8. Reviving the Islamic Spirit????
    I DONT THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hard to protest Islam, when your Prime Minister is pushing it down our throats.

  10. No to Islam and all it’s barbaric and inhumane teachings. No to any religion that seeks to destroy harmony and humanity. No to any group that supports this travesty. Yes to love, peace, equality, and decency.

  11. Still eagerly awaiting the CIJ News English exposé of neo-Nazis in our midst. Tim McVeigh topped the ‘American Deaths from Terrorism’ leader board until 9/11. Ignoring the threat of home grown terrorism would be the height of irresponsibility.

  12. The Islamic State is Reviving The Islamic Spirit.
    So is Justin Trudeau.

    Reviving the Islamic Spirit means bringing Islam back to it’s 7th century origins.

    This has no place in Canada, and, this Prime Minister should be removed come next election.

    Support of Islam is against Canadian values. Simple.

  13. Should have been thousands of Canadians out protesting…..

  14. These people build mosques across Canada praying to the devil for years now please let’s wake up

  15. Interesting time to hold that

  16. Wish i knew i woulda showed up

  17. They sure didn’t promote these very good prior to this event. I never heard this was going to be organized, I would’ve went

  18. Evil is evil, extremism was once moderate, to be taught intolerance is intolerant whether extreme or moderate.

  19. The new world order is implementing their agenda through government leaders. Don’t ask me about their agenda, go research.

  20. Tell the prime minister enough is enough.

  21. To bad that Truedope is the leader and the next great IMAN, at the Jaffari Mosque no doubt.

  22. Great
    We need 100 more people

  23. I applaud these people for showing up and holding this protest. Many more of these need to start, and grow in numbers. Can’t decide on location? The property lines of the CBC would be a great place….the anal islamic conference is but another insult and defiance to a respectful religion which they are unable to comprehend.

  24. good , people need to stand up to these manipulating extremists they serve no purpose but their own, God afforded each religion its own culture sadly the persain culture consumed islamn and now its become dark, lost…

  25. If I would have known of protest would have went ,lslam is a joke like Trudeau useless Snow Board instructor and Puppet Prime Minister

  26. Malik Al- Amlak ( King of Kings ) They fear this

  27. Toronto ! Should be at least 100,000 protesting that Islamic brain washing crap in Canada !

  28. Of course this wouldn’t be reported by the CBC. That welfare pile of garbage is clearly controlled by the Liberals. I suspect much of the “news” in Canada is vetted by them. What more have we heard of the Muslim schoolyard attacks in NB? NOTHING. What has happened regarding the “refugee” from Calgary who molested the three young girls in a Lethbridge swimming pool? NOTHING. What more has been reported regarding the terrorist attack in Quebec where cars were set on fire and a police station attacked? NOTHING. What about the recent knife attack? Not a damn thing.

    Canadians hear very little of what happens in Canada that involves Muslims. Deliberate manipulation of the Canadian media by J. Trudeau and the compliant Liberals. Trudeau is deliberately handing Canada to Islam and it will likely be too late by the next election to keep Canada a Christian democratic country. Are there laws in Canada concerning treason? Are we being forced to arm ourselves to protect against Islamic jihad?

    • I am glad to read your post. I did not hear any of these news reports and I live in nova scotia. it is important that people continue to write about what is going on . we do not need any more muslims in Canada with their crazy religion and their disrespect of women and girls.

  29. I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible…impossible…for any human being to read the biography of Mohammed and believe in it, and then emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person.”
    – Syrian Psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan

  30. Thank you to those who were out there protesting sending a true message to the world .

  31. I think it’s hopeless if people sit back and criticise. Stand up , get out there tell them the trueth

  32. and we have known that the law [is] good, if any one may use it lawfully;
    1 Timothy:1:8

  33. Jesus saith to him, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life, no one doth come unto the Father, if not through me;

    • So you admit that Islam isn’t the issue. Peaceful Buddhism would be just as big a problem. If you believe that your way is the only way, then there isn’t much wiggle room.

      I’m not faulting you for your consistency. It’s helpful when people mean what they say. But I am faulting you for blaming Islam for any issue you have with Muslims. Your issue isn’t with Muslims. Your issue is with non-Christians of any stripe, including ‘Cultural Christians’.

  34. But say may some one, Thou hast faith, and I have works, shew me thy faith out of thy works, and I will shew thee out of my works my faith:

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