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Toronto Star equates Syrian refugees, migrants to journey of Christ’s family

The Toronto Star’s editorial on December 24, 2016 “A Time to Renew Hope was dedicated to Christmas and its optimistic message on the eve of the new year.

The Star found source of “inspiration” in the story of the refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere who resettled in Canada and renewed the faith and hope of Canadians in better future.

The following are excerpts from the editorial (to read the online version of the article click HERE):

…the news sections of the paper are filled with such dire tidings. Still, even there we can find inspiration.

The ordeals of migrants in the Middle East and elsewhere, for example, clearly parallel the troubled journey of Christ’s own family, fleeing a tyrant and seeking refuge in a humble dwelling.

We can respond with generosity and an open heart, as many Canadians have done this past year, when strangers appear on our doorstep looking to build new lives among us. This is more than just good politics.

:As Pope Francis pointed out in a timely tweet this week, it’s in tune with the most fundamental message of the Christmas story. “Welcoming the other,” he said, “means welcoming God in person.”


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  1. There is no comparison between a savior of the people and a tyrant slaughtering people. These refugees flee a conflict caused by their religion and now seek to infect other parts of the globe, even in small numbers they have a negative impact.

  2. That newspaper only puts out slime.

  3. There are many Syrian Christians that came in under Harper. He vetted them and found them sponsors so the tax payer wasn’t on the hook. Many of them were the first group in. What Trudeau is bringing in are not sponsored, nor are they vetted properly………but to be fair there are many Syrian Christians who are persecuted and need help

  4. The G-damed Left is driving me crazy – Is this the war of good over evil that WE were taught about in our

  5. thats a www2 survivors maybe but not these misguided people who can only disrupt this country and are already causing hardship on canadians

  6. Trudeau is truly a danger to Canadians

  7. Good god, send them over a case of korans to read, holy man stop this fantasy about islam…

  8. The Toronto Star has gone from being relevant to zero.

  9. Who the hell you kidding. Mohamed wanted to kill every Christian he laid his hands on.

  10. Yeah, really?? Like a festering commie rag’d know anything about the Jewish or Christian faiths!!! Bwahahaha!!!


  12. Jesus and His parents were never “refugees.” They went back home.

    Refugees these days just go somewhere else and stay there permanently.

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