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Justin Trudeau with his wife Sophie. Photo: PMO Photos by Adam Scotti
Justin Trudeau with his wife Sophie. Photo: PMO Photos by Adam Scotti

Sophie Trudeau: “Canadians are part of our extended family”

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urges Canadians to donate generously to the Liberal Party of Canada “to keep building stronger communities across the country.”

In a fundraising letter dated December 26, 2016, Grégoire Trudeau emphasized the importance of family values based on unity, openness, courage, love and perseverance calling Canadians “extended family.” The following is Grégoire Trudeau’s letter:

Across the country, Canadians like you are part of our extended family. Some have always called Canada home. And for some, Canada is a new home — where generations to come will build their lives and help grow our great country.

To all of you, thank you so very much — for the warmth you’ve extended to my family, for your continued hard work to make this a better country for all Canadians, and for your support and faith in our Liberal team.

We have much more we want to achieve for our country together, and 2017 is sure to bring new opportunities and challenges. That’s why I am calling on you now — please, during this time of giving, your generosity will help our party continue our important work together to keep building stronger communities across the country.

We are tremendously grateful for your support. Every single donation counts — and any amount is truly appreciated to help us start the new year strong.”

To donate to the Liberal Party click HERE.

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Israel Bond RRSP Jan 2017

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CIJnews Staff
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  1. I just threw up a little reading that article. Thanks…

  2. Sorry not OUR family –we only recognize Humans ,cats dogs and birds –you are none of those.–See if you can be adopted by some family in Afghanistan.

  3. Can I live in your basement cuz….:P

  4. there will be no money left after all the tax increases and the new carbon levy.

  5. These 2 man, these 2 pathetic knobs. No you will only get taxpayers money. The wealthy welfare recipients (islam) can donate to your party.

  6. She’s such a goof breaking out in song please just stick to your day. … oh wait…….

  7. I want nothing to do with you and yours. You have no idea how to help those who need it.

  8. There so perfect for each other…..

  9. There are no millionaires in my family like her and her husband , just hard workers hoping for a better days

  10. Sad to see CIJ News English continuing to give cover to bigots and fear mongerers while ignoring the growing existential threat to Israel (and Canadian Values) from neo-Nazis.

  11. I’m sorry, I just projectile vomited across the width of the room after seeing and reading this, thanks alot.

  12. Sophie, speak for your deluded self.

  13. She and Justin already have all my money so I have nothing to give.

  14. Barack and Michelle were playing themselves up in the same way.

  15. We will all be donating big time if he brings the carbon tax in.So I think I won’t be giving the Liberal party a dime.

  16. How about making a pitch to donate to me?

  17. Not mine…thank you very much!

  18. I think the extended part stops at the gate outside the Montreal mosque. It doesn’t exist in Western Canada

  19. I would like to show a middle finger…but it’s not polite

  20. I’m putting myself up for adoption again, don’t want to be part of this family.

  21. and just think canadians voted for this jerk good for you canada bravo excellent work… NOT

  22. We will- with the carbon tax !

  23. Maybe, Trudeau believes if everyone is stoned, that they won’t really notice and weird isn’t it, that you’ll be able to get high….But your not old enough to drink

  24. Sophie, if we are a part of your extended family then you should lend yourr nanny to a single mother so that she may go out and have a relaxing night like you do every night while your children are being cared for. I heard abit from you on CTV and you kept on saying ” We ” know what Canadians want. When were you elected. Lady you do not have a clue what Canadians want . Remember , the Liberals only won 39.8% of the vote. So alot of us do not care what you think is best for us. You will never be a Princess Kate .

  25. That’s right!!! You said it bro

  26. I guess I’m the part of the family that wants to see the Trudeau’s rot in prison for treason

  27. Umm NO……how fk delusional are you, building stronger communities, extended family, there is so much to say and none of it nice.

  28. We have no money left. Her husband cleaned us out. Here is an idea Sophie: get a job so we don’t have to support your expensive lifestyle. Just saying.

  29. I wouldn’t lift a finger for the Trudeau’s or the Liberal Party but I would give them one🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  30. or is that another stupid statement from the TRUDEAU family ???

  31. oh well 50% is ok nice to look at but might not be to smart to talk to ???

  32. What is that you’re saying Justin? Sorry dear, I cannot hear or see you very well at all with this blob of a hat 🎩 stuck on my head..

  33. Quit your GD begging for free stuff Sophie !

  34. Those that voted for the LIBERALS I hope you are choking on everything that he is doing to our country Stephen Harper looks pretty good now there will be more people unemployed with alk the new taxes I hope the people down east can afford to pay equalization payments to us out West!

  35. When hell freezes over😡👿👹

  36. Is she trying to dress like Princess Kate what a joke can we get rid of these idiots

  37. Yes Sophie, get a job and stop spending our money so recklessly.

  38. if im part of your family can you lend me money so i can pay my hydro bill and feed my daughter….

  39. They may be as full of themselves as obama… we dont have two maids sister!

  40. Not likely will I ever donate to these spend thrifts.

  41. Oh my “F”. Clueless brain dead couple.

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