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Justin Trudeau. Photo: screenshot YouTube Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada

Trudeau on New Year: “I will always stand against politics of fear and division”

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued on December 31, 2016 a statement greeting Canadians on the occasion of the New Year. Trudeau presented the achievements of his government during the last year that “put more money in the pockets of the middle-class” and vowed to keep standing against the “politics of fear and division” emphasizing “that is my New Year’s resolution to you.” He avoided mentioning the carbon pricing and its possible effects on the middle class.

Here is Trudeau’s written statement:

Happy New Year, everyone.

“Tonight is 150 years in the making, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ring in the New Year together. From coast to coast to coast, spectacular events are planned to usher in Canada’s 150th birthday.

“Before we leave 2016 behind, I want to thank you. Over the last year, we have accomplished a great deal together to strengthen the middle class and those working hard to join it.

“We cut taxes on middle-class Canadians, and put more money in the pockets of nine out of ten families through a new, more generous Canada Child Benefit; we also signed one of the most progressive free trade deals in history that will benefit Canadians across the country.

As we mark Canada 150 over the next year, we will honour the generations of Canadians who have come together to create opportunities for one another. We will celebrate the courage and vision of those who came before us, and the hard work and ambition of Canadians – like you – who have made Canada the success story that it is today.

For my part as Prime Minister, I will always stand against the politics of fear and division, and focus on what brings us together – that is my New Year’s resolution to you.

“In 2017, and beyond, our government will take further steps to help the middle class and those working hard to join it. And, together, I know we will continue to build the diverse and prosperous country that we are all so proud to call home.

“Canada, let’s make this year our year.

“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish you a wonderful night and all the best in 2017.”

The following is the transcript of Trudeau’s videotaped greeting:

“Hello Canada.

“Tonight has been 150 years in the making and represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to ring in the New Year together from coast to coast to coast.

“We’ve got a lot to celebrate this year. Most of all our 150th birthday. But before we leave 2016 behind, I want to thank you. Over the last year we’ve accomplished a great deal of things together.

We put more money in the pockets of middle class families and reached a historic agreement, so more hardworking Canadians can retire in dignity.

“We reestablished Canada as a leader in the fight against climate change and put a plan in place to protect our clean air and oceans for generations to come.

We declared trans rights as human rights and passed legislation to fully protect gender identity. And we signed one of the most progressive free dray deals in history to benefit the middle class and all the rules working hard to join it.

For the first time in Canada’s history, a judge from Newfoundland and Labrador who is also bilingual sits on our highest court and will soon have an extraordinary Canadian woman on our ten dollar bill. All this progress is because of you. So thank you.

“We’ve all got much more to do. When we celebrate Canada 150 we celebrate generations of Canadians who sought common ground, so we could share a common, more hopeful future.

For 150 years, Canada has been a success story, but that will only continue with a lot of hard work. As prime minister, I will always stand against the politics of fear and division and focus on what brings us together.

“That is my New Year’s Resolution to you. But government can’t solve every challenge. I need Canadians to do more and I know you’ll step up. Together, I know we’ll continue to build that diverse and prosperous nation that we’re all so proud to call home. Canada, let’s make this year our year. Have a wonderful night and I’ll see you in 2017.”

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  1. Trudeau and his foreign minister Dionne have completely absented themselves from taking a stand on this UN resolution 2334 attack on Israel. In fact Kerry thanked Canada for their support so our darling prime minister who’s too busy taking selfie’s to weigh in on something this important made a lovely speech about Auschwitz but put nothing into practice to support his words Of never again.

  2. I think that must mean he will always molly coddle terrorists.

  3. I agree with you 100% Val Fayer

    We have a very Ignorant persons running our Country

  4. What could possibly go wrong when a nincompoop who has never had a full-time job in his pathetic life decides that he’s the ideal candidate to be the leader of a G & country. To envision what a joke this is, just visualize a meeting of the leaders of the allied countries during WW II consisting of Churchill, FDR and Justin. I can just see him fighting for a carbon tax and ensuring that all national cabinets were diverse in order to defeat Hitler.

  5. I HATE YOU!!!

  6. Right, he’s against the politics of division and yet he decided to regard Indian reserves as nations on par with Canada. No other PM has done as much to validate separatism as he has.

  7. A good start then would be for you to resign!
    Spend your own unearned dollars and not ours!

  8. The “politics of fear and division”….so he intends to for example stand against and diffuse the respect given to surgeons who remove cancers from the body of their patients.

    Fear of that which causes harm…for example a governance by rule of Islamic sharia…or its side effects in any non-caliphate country….Islamic terrorism, well rational fear of political mismanagement IS HEALTHY.

    I have absolutely no respect for a PM who deliberately ignores the safekeeping of his nation and its inherent decent values, and places his nation at the disposal of the UN to implement their understanding of human non-rights under Islamic sharia worldwide.

  9. Trudeau it is 2017 already and you have shown lots of idiotic of yourself! Now you are not only an idiot but a moron at all sides of you!

  10. It’s too bad Harper was such a twat at the end that people voted this guy in just because they wanted anything but Harper. A case of look before you leap. Glad I never voted for this kumquat.

  11. What a buffoon.

  12. What a load of crap that is all he has done the media are as corrupt as he is he has destroyed this country

  13. Actually, I think he’s afraid of us… what do you think?

  14. “Shame on Canadians for electing this idiot

  15. Why don’t you start the new year taking care of your people and stop dividing people. Treat everyone equal. Stop the carbon taxes

  16. Thats funny. Dividing this nation has allowed the Liberals to conquer.

  17. God he’s goofy looking then again he’s French

  18. Thats rather humerous considering TRUDEAU is the guy who creates that very same fear and division across Canada with his twisted far-left policies

  19. So as far as I know we humans are all made of carbon so ummmmm does he wanna wipe out humans to save the planet?

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