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John Tory commends Black Lives Matter for promoting race relations

Black Lives Matter – Toronto (BLM – TO), the self proclaimedcoalition of Black Torontonians resisting anti-Black racism, state-sponsored violence, police brutality,” shared on its official Facebook page a letter that allegedly was sent last week by Toronto Mayor John Tory to BLM-TO.

In his letter, Tory commended Black Lives Matter’s activists for their efforts “to promote a more equitable and inclusive city”, congratulated them for winning an award recognizing their contribution to improve race relations and committed “to eliminate anti-Black racism.”

The following is the text of Tory’s letter:

Dear Black Lives Matter – Toronto,

Thank you for your continued work to promote a more equitable and inclusive city. I want to congratulate you on your recent William P. Hubbard Award and the inspiring remarks you delivered at the ceremony.

I am writing to update you on the historical data collected through the practice of carding. As you remember, I asked for your input and advice regarding the data earlier this year, and I wanted to let you know what happened in the period leading up to the November Board decision.

Following your input, I advocated for the complete deletion of the carding data. I absolutely believe that Toronto residents should not have to worry that data collected in this way could be used to adversely affect their opportunities or their rights. However, the Board received legal advice related to the rational against deletion, including the data’s potential relevance to active Charter challenges. We were also advised that transferring the data was problematic for reasons related to privacy and legislative powers.

But this data cannot and should not be kept forever. This is why the Board moved to have the City Solicitor report on any judicial decisions related to this historical data so the issue can be quickly revisited. In the meantime, the Board introduced a policy to restrict access to the data and increase accountability and transparency around its use, through:

– Separating the historical data from all police data sources;

– Applying an auditable technological trail to ensure no one except for the Chief or his designate can access it;

– Establishing a three-member review panel comprised of a Board member, a retired judge and a community member to review the Chief’s decisions to access the data; and

– Having the Chief report to the Board and public quarterly on the use of the data.

I understand this is not the outcome you had hoped for. It’s important to me that we have an on-going channel of communications and that you understand my perspective and my efforts.

To me, the on-going issue related to this data is part of our larger effort to modernize the Toronto Police Service and improve trust with Toronto citizens. As part of this work, Chief Saunders has been increasing training to address cultural bias and a “Know your Rights” public awareness campaign is being released by the Province.

My commitment to making our city more equitable and inclusive is steadfast, and this includes confronting and working to eliminate anti-Black racism. To this end, the community consultations I promised will start in January. Our hard working and committed City staff have been developing a consultation plan with community partners to engage communities in a meaningful way so that these consultations lead to tangible recommendations and action. I look forward to attending these consultations and will be ready to listen and learn.

As Mayor, I am committed to representing all residents. This is both a tremendous privilege and a profound responsibility. I agree with your comments from the Equity & Diversity ceremony that there have been some missteps this past year but I hope that we can work together to ensure our City lives up to its responsibility to all its citizens.


John Tory

When asked few weeks ago by why City Hall gave a Race Relations Award to a racist movement, Tory tried to dodge the question by saying that it was a decision made by an independent committee and not by the City Council. To listen to Tory’s statement click watch the video:

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About Jonathan D. Halevi

Jonathan D. Halevi
Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi is co-founder and editor of CIJnews and a senior researcher of the Middle East and radical Islam at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He is also a co-founder of the Orient Research Group Ltd.


  1. And what did you expect James Bugden? And who are these people “happy” to kill blacks? And if you follow this page you’ll see all kinds of articles on people who want to kill jews. But it’s nice that you’re example was some storey written about a handful and nut jobs. Yea splendid journalism. If I was you I’d start worrying about a movement that’s nothing more than a bunch of racists /terrorists being treated as if their spreading peace and love. But then again it’s only whites who can be racists isn’t it?

  2. this was not even an issue under the harper government. why is it now an issue under the trudeau government? way to go liberals.

  3. Apparently, he doesn’t have a clue.

  4. That is incredible. BLM is extremely anti-Jewish and anti-Israel, as well as anti-white, but of course they love the Muslims , so hey, BLM has got to be good then.

  5. John Tory still calls himself a conservative but he indulges in the same far Left pandering populism of Bill ‘Big Bird’ De Blasio, the singularly destructive Mayor of New York City. At least De Blasio, never pretends to be anything but the far Left ideologue that he is.

    Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter movement Tory is applauding, is to peaceful race relations what the KKK is to lawn parties and weanie roasts.

    BLM was founded on a lie and continues to perpetuate a lie. They claim to be protecting Blacks against racism while rabidly promoting racism against the White community. BLM is in fact the KKK on steroids.

  6. The Letters in BLM –actually stand for BURN-LOOT- MURDER

  7. No T. Stephen Lush, I’m not defending BLM. I’m saying that the selective reporting of CIJ News English gives cover to racist and bigoted commenters. For example, they claim to defend Israel but have yet to say word one about neo-Nazis.

    Not a peep. About people who would be happy to kill Blacks. And Jews. And Muslims. And ‘race traitor’ Whites. And who no longer try to hide it.

  8. John Tory still calls himself a conservative but he indulges in the same far Left pandering populism of Bill ‘Big Bird’ De Blasio, the singularly destructive Mayor of New York City. At least De Blasio, never pretends to be anything but the far Left ideologue that he is.

    Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter movement Tory is applauding, is to peaceful race relations what the KKK is to lawn parties and weanie roasts.

    BLM was founded on a lie and continues to perpetuate a lie. They claim to be protecting Blacks against racism while rabidly promoting racism against the White community. BLM is in fact the KKK on steroids.

  9. Tory is a Liberal who says he is a conservative but every time he opens his mouth out come Liberal ideas.

  10. The BLM is just as racist as any white supremacist group and as vile in their chants, unless you’re promoting all lives stay home. Any politician that supports a racist group is either out for votes or needs treatment, in either case they need to be removed from public office.

  11. that’s equivalent of commending the KKK for their support of rope merchants

  12. And again, more liberal logic. I think it may be based on maintaining political points, hmmm.

  13. And how much is Soros paying him to say that?

  14. This is really a races life is matter. Question is how about if you are not black, your life is not matter? You guys just creating a division in every colors of people that live in this country. . This must be stop.

  15. @EasternOar You mean the same BLM thugs who hi-jacked the Pride Parade ? Seriously, John ???

  16. John Tory is a hypocritical MORON……the next civic election can’t come too fast.

    • Rob Ford, at his most impaired level, by drugs and alcohol…….was ten times the Mayor than is John Tory. At least Ford CARED about ALL of the people of Toronto, and thought that “politically correct”…..was nonsense….always ‘telling it as it is’. The ‘Gravy-train” started up again when Tory became Mayor.

  17. What the one official who said she is trying very hard not to hate white people but it’s hard. The ones who infringed on everybody’s else’s rights buy Sabatoging the Gary Pride Parade or the black official who told him to step aside. What a wimp

  18. Another stupid so called leader

  19. Hey. John Tory. ALL LIVES MATTER. I miss Rob Ford.

  20. messed up world we live in

  21. I’m so sick of ” black lives matter ” everyones life matters done matter what color of skin you have

  22. BLM is a racist organization that operates on fear and intimidation. They should be disbanded.

  23. Seriously? This man is a moron and BLM is no different than the KKK. Racist and terrorist to the core! Tory should seek treatment!

  24. Racism against reverse racism against racism…I thought we were above ALL this..? GUESS NOT…!

  25. They are a terrorist group and should be treated as such and should be eradicated.

  26. You don’t combat racism with racism against caucasians,
    Tory you liberal puppet!

  27. The Black Life Matters is a domestic terror organization against law and order

  28. BLM is a hate group…….the Black KKK

  29. Tory’s commendation is the intellectual equivalent of Neville Chamberlain’s waving a paper peace promise from Hitler. Flattering the people that hate you doesn’t make them hate you less.

  30. Really?? This I do not understand…

  31. Bull. They want to take white lives.

  32. BLM = Bigots Liars Masochists

  33. …Hogtown residents should celebrate BLM madness before they themselves are destroyed by the gods!

  34. BLM are the most racist group out there. All they do is promote hatred and racisim against whites. John need to step down you wynne puppet.

    • Cheryl Smith wrote : “All they do…”

      It’s not about you, Cheryl.

      Sad to see CIJ News English continuing to give cover to racist and bigoted behavior.

    • James Bugden ..Who said it’s about me, I never said anything about it being about me. BLM is a racist group being funded by george soros to cause conflict and chaos and if you don’t understand that then I feel sorry for you.

    • Cheryl Smith what the hell has Soro to do with your whiteness in Toronto!

    • George soros is well documented about funding the BLM. So is Ford Motor Company. What are you talking about “Your whiteness”. I never said anything about my whiteness. If you don’t know the true meaning behind the BLM then please keep your opinion to your self and don’t insinuate I am racist because I know what BLM is. It’s people like you that have no clue on the matter that like to call white people racist for calling out the BLM.

    • Rick Collins A global project, as in the New World Order.

    • God, I miss the good old days when witch hunting was in vogue!

    • Rick Collins I think they are making a comeback.

    • Rick Collins You are truly totally in a world of blindly following the lemmings over the cliff –You must start listening “closely” when world leaders speak so you can separate the wheat from the chaff–so far you only picked up the chaff.You don’t have a clue what BLM is you don’t know what NWO is and you don’t know why the Open Door society exists –sure feel sorry for snowflakes–but that’s ok they melt away.quickly.Check out Clower and Piven when you get a chance–a little knowledge will get you on the road to intelligence.

  35. I don’t think there are words that can describe the face palm required for this. It is just beyond comprehension.

  36. These are the types of politicians that make policy in our cities. Remember this next time you go out to vote.

  37. With John Boring Liberal Tory in power, we have Stupid Lives Matter. In 2018, we can give him the boot, just like his predecessor, David Miller

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