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Kellie Leitch. Photo: Facebook Kellie Leitch

Kellie Leitch Campaign: “We will defeat the media in May 2017”

Nick Kouvalis, the Campaign Manager for Conservative MP Kellie Leitch, is confident in Leitch’s prospects to win the leadership of the Conservative Party in spite of the media’s hostility toward her and the repeated orchestrated attempts to portray her as an extremist, bigot and Islamophobe.

In a fundraising email to the supporters of Kellie Leitch Kouvalis wrote among other things the following (January 2, 2017):

Here is a short summary of how the media has portrayed the leadership race and Kellie Leitch thus far:

November 2015 – December 2016:

No one wants to be the leader of the Conservative Party because Justin Trudeau cannot be beaten in 2019.

  • Kellie Leitch cannot win the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.
  • Kellie Leitch is using wedge politics.
  • Kellie Leitch is using dog whistle politics.
  • Kellie Leitch is a fraud.
  • Kellie Leitch is a racist.
  • Kellie Leitch is a xenophobe.
  • Kellie Leitch is a fascist.
  • Kellie Leitch will never win.
  • Is this a new strategy by the media and the elites?

While the example of Clinton vs Trump is fresh in our minds, we should never forget:

  • The media and the elites said Stephen Harper would never be able to unite the right.
  • The media and the elites said Stephen Harper would never win the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper would never win against Paul Martin.
  • The media and the elites said that Paul Martin would win the largest majority in history.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper would never be Prime Minister.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper would never win a majority government.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper was a social Conservative.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper was using wedge politics.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper was using dog whistle politics.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper was a racist.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper was a xenophobe.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper was a fascist.
  • The media and the elites said that Stephen Harper would destroy Canada.

It doesn’t matter what the media and the elites say. The only thing that matters is what Kellie Leitch says. She will seek out the media at every opportunity to speak directly to Canadians. Kellie will continue to use the media to let Canadians get to know her on a personal level. That’s the way to build trust with the electorate.

Kellie has done a great job so far. It’s not easy to take all the abuse, much of it unfair at best and disgusting at worst, but she is mastering the art of ignoring the hate and focusing on delivering the message that most Canadians are desperate to hear.

What will the media do in 2017?

The short answer is that it doesn’t matter.

The longer answer is that the media will get behind whoever they think can defeat Kellie. This is certain. We’ve seen this before with Stephen Harper, Rob Ford, Christy Clark and others. Many of you worked on these campaigns with me and we have defeated the media before. We will defeat them again in May 2017.

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Israel Bond RRSP Jan 2017

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  1. Jim Armour : My – BROWN INDIAN BUM – says Otherwise. ..

  2. This Kellie Leitch character is downright nauseating. I heard on Sunday Edition over a month ago. I had to turn it off. Anybody who advocates shutting down public broadcasting, is idiotic in my book.

  3. She sounds like she only likes white people.

  4. Yes she is an extremist and bigot

  5. I;d suggest reading the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and ponder whether you’re being sucked in by fear themed wedge issues.

  6. So, what are “Canadian values” anyway?

    Supporting gender equality keeps getting mentioned. But most Canadians I know, are Catholics, Baptists or Pentecostals who are against allowing woman to be priests or preachers.

    So, Dr Leitch, is it un Canadian to be Muslim and be against gender equality, but “Canadian ” , if you are against equality , but are Baptist or Catholic?

    I will not buy this Trump propaganda , and nor will I support it in any way shape for form.

    In fact, as a life long Progressive Conservative , am ashamed such stuff is being promoted .

  7. I can’t comment on her character or leadership since I am not versed enough on her. The media IS however untrustworthy with an agenda working as an arm for the Leftists, on a Global Scale. It is up to us and anyone with a voice to call them out on their lies and transparent bias. There needs to be a standard of journalism which must be fiercely enforced. There is much truth to her outrage at the media. They have become our enemy from within. They must pay for their crimes. Yes crimes. Thank goodness we have social media access to finally get the truth we deserve and so desperately need.

    • Paranoid and gullible much.

    • I don’t think I could have been more clear. How does anything I stated lead you to determine that I’m gullible or paranoid? Nothing! I’m actually a rational and objective person. You sir seem to me to be an ignorant man. One who speaks without much thought. Your little attempt to mock me and undermine my point of view with such simplistic language reflects a lot more about you than it does me. Read up. Research. Know something would you?!

  8. Beat the media today to be taken seriously.
    Every politician talks about all the things they’re going to do because they have little to no accomplishment.

    Props to the puppet masters marketing a coat tail Trumpette.

  9. Anyway, what the hell are Canadian values? You must like hockey, maple syrup, Tim Horton’s and beaver tails??? She totally lost me last year with her “Barbaric Snitch Line”. there is no room for that in my Canada.

  10. Wow!! Very impressive!! Probably more qualified than the whole Liberal and NDP caucus

  11. best thing for canada is what this lady is

  12. She is as pathetic as the rest. Out of touch with Canadians. Move south Kellie, better chance down there then the snow balls chance in hell here.

  13. We shall Prevail – Kellie will be our Next Prime Minister – So Proud . thank you

  14. Listening to her try and talk, is extremely painful.

  15. If you want fascism go to the US. Get outta here Kelly LEECH

  16. The true extremists seem to be the media.

  17. If she does win the leadership (highly unlikely, in my opinion), the Liberals are almost sure to win the next election.

    • As long as Trudeau isn’t the leader.

    • Leitch represents all the reasons that the Cons lost the last election. Don’t get me wrong. I want to support the Conservatives. But not unconditionally. It will depend entirely on who they select as their leader.

    • She can win it all.

      Nobody, absolutely nobody early on thought Trump could win except maybe Trump and Ann Coulter.

      But ‘everybody’ didn’t understand. All the media rules had changed. The media was OVER.


      Based on this new reality, Kellie could win too. She’s made a huge noise already. The media is talking about her all the time (negative of course) but many Tory rank and file love her policies.

      If she wins the leadership, the rest will take care of itself. Because by the time the 2019 election comes around this country will be so screwed up by Trudeau that the Tories will win no matter who is their leader.

  18. Islamaphobe…lol….more like Islamatruth! Islamists HATE US!!!

  19. I’m beginning to think more and more that Brian Mulroney was a pretty good PM. Comparatively.

  20. ~*LOL*~ an establishment elite complaining about faceless, nameless elites. Outside of that, she’s running on fear themed wedge issues to get the uneducated and cowardly vote. Pure fodder for the gullible and politically obtuse.

  21. @NickKouvalis lmfao and how exactly will you get your message across the country? Defeat the media? lmfaooooooooo

  22. You are dam right KELLIE, ‘DEFEAT THE USELESS GOOD FOR NOTHING FAKE NEWS WANABE MEDIA’. They have done more harm to this nation through their constant lies manipulation and deceitfulness.


    The treatment towards PMSH was horrendous nasty and vicious. jobs his party has done for canadians was not heard on national television. No wonder PM Harper had no choice but to:

    Stephen Harper — 24 Seven: Prime Minister’s Office launches new video initiative

    The Prime Minister’s Office posted Thursday episode 1 of what it calls “24 Seven” — a weekly roundup of Harper’s events and announcements, and those of his government.

  23. @KellieLeitch is just another Harperite Fascist. She lacks vision, integrity, and respect. She will fit right in. #cdnpoli

  24. Maybe she wll be Canadas Donald Trump and put the Liberal Elitists and the Liberal press in there place. Canada needs leadership again.

  25. Mabe she will be Canadas Donald Trunmp ready to put the Liberal elitists in there place which includes the Liberal media

  26. @NickKouvalis punch them out Kellie punch them out

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