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Photo: CIJnews
Photo: CIJnews

Poll: 79% of Canadians believe Muslims face discrimination

A new poll published by Abacus Data on December 29, 2016, found that 79% of Canadians believe that Muslims are the most discriminated against group in Canada (with 46% saying there “a lot” and 33% saying there is “some” discrimination towards Muslims), while only 10% believe there is “a lot” of discrimination against Jews, and 35% believe there is “some” discrimination against Jews.

Almost one in two Canadians polled said discrimination against Muslims is greater than against any other group.

According to the 2015 Annual Hate/Bias Crime Statistical Report published by the Toronto Police, the three most targeted groups since 2006 have been the Jewish community, the Black community and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community.

In 2015, Jews were the most victimized group for property damage, while the LGBTQ community was the most victimized group for assault occurrences. There were 6 incidents of criminal harassment against Muslims.

According to the B’nai Brith Canada’s annual audit of anti-Semitic incidents, 2015 saw an increase of targeted attacks against Jews, particularly on social media, with 1,277 anti-Semitic incidents meeting a criteria for inclusion in the audit. Anti-Semitic vandalism, including the targeting of Jewish children, rose by 30% that year.

“B’nai Brith has received reports of between 1,000 and 1,200 verified antisemitic incidents in Canada every year for the past 10 years,” said Steven Slimovitch, national legal counsel for B’nai Brith Canada. “This is not a problem that’s going away.”

In 2016, anti-Semitic incidents in Canada included several high profile instances of Holocaust denial and hundreds of anti-Semitic graffiti, including 300 swastikas in the Montreal area alone. Swastikas were also spray painted in multiple locations at the University of Toronto and on two synagogues in Ottawa.

Toronto’s Ryerson University was included in Simon Wiesenthal’s annual list of “Top Ten Worst Global Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Incidents” for staging a planned walkout by activists from Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Student Association during a motion to dedicate a week to Holocaust Remembrance.

McGill, McMaster, U of T and York were included in the Algemeiner’s 1st “Annual List of the US and Canada’s Worst Campuses for Jewish Students” for embracing the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement and for promoting isolation and delegitimization of Israel on campus.

In July, a hate speech complaint was filed with the Alberta and Canadian Human Rights Commission against Monika Schaefer, a former Green Party candidate and Holocaust denier who, in a YouTube video, described the Holocaust as “the most persistent lie in all of history,” claimed that victims of the Nazi death camps “were kept as healthy and as well-fed as was possible,” and asserted that “there were no gas chambers there”.

In September, York University fired Nikolaos Balaskas – a long-time laboratory technologist at the Department of Physics and Astronomy – following an investigation into numerous anti-Semitic posts on social media.

In October, the University of Lethbridge in Alberta suspended without pay professor Anthony Hall, a Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist, for promoting the idea of a global Zionist conspiracy to create hatred against Muslims.

In November alone, a blood-red swastika accompanied by the derogatory slur “kike” was painted on the window of a rabbi’s home in Ottawa. Three days earlier, swastika graffiti was found on the kosher deli Hof Kelsten located at Boulevard Saint-Laurent in Montreal, one block from the memorial at Leonard Cohen’s house. Swastikas and the Nazi slogan “Sieg Heil” were spray painted on the side of Machzikei Hadas synagogue in the Alta Vista neighborhood in south Ottawa.

“It’s the Jews” graffiti was scrawled on the wall of David Hornell Junior School in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Following a spate of anti-Semitic incidents in November, Prime Minister Trudeau tweeted: “To the Canadian Jewish community: I stand with you. Our government denounces recent acts of anti-Semitism in the strongest terms.”

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About Ilana Shneider

Ilana Shneider
Ilana Shneider is the co-editor of CIJnews and the founding executive director of Canada-Israel Friendship Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the mutually beneficial, long-standing diplomatic, economic and cultural ties between Canada and Israel. She can be reached at [email protected]


  1. The whites face the most discrimination

  2. Bruce H Crocker I agree with what you said that not all Muslim accept Sharia law, how do you know which Muslim can live in harmony with other religions. Because we don’t know l feel that we do not need these kind of refugees in our country. Their religion is one of the most violent religion that l have read about, it is very scary.

  3. Ken MacLean I agree with you their religion is a violet culture.

  4. You can thank Trudeau for that, he is the one that let down the Canadian citizens and he is the one that like down the Muslims. He never taught the Muslims that their way of life was not except in Canada, that the Muslims had to follow the Canadian laws and regulations.

  5. Surely there are better things to spend money than these polls. Give the money to Sick Kids and I can watch and hear the good that it does.

  6. Cheryl Smith Not to mention that slavery was legal throughout the Muslim world until about 25 years ago. And it was only made illegal on the books for the purpose of propaganda. It is still essentially legal (decriminalized).

  7. We hear about anti-Muslim hate crimes quite often,only to find out that while the MSM rushed to judgement without proper investigation,because it suits their progressive purposes. Only to discover that it was a staged crime-by who? A Muslim.

    We rarely hear about the real victims of hate crimes. The largest group that are victims of it? Jews and it will get worse. The more Muslims we have in the country, the more hate crimes against Jews. I have never heard of them faking it.

  8. My guess is this poll was done to 79% Muslims and 21% people who have a grip on reality.

  9. reject Muslims way of life they don’t work.

  10. I agree with B H Crocker. If they do not keep their religion with in the Canadian laws.

    Then we must disallow anything they do.

    Our University York & Ryreson are already proving this. They are showing hate against other Religions. Which is a disgrace and the Deans And Directors should be fired.

  11. lionaldo de jesus

    Os judeus só sofrem descriminação pelos muçulmanos, por serem Cristãos, e os cristão em diversos no canada ..

  12. Where was this poll taken ? amongst Trudopes refugees?

  13. T. Stephen Lush No, islam is a religion and as long as the practitioner is willing to forgo any parts of that religion that are contrary to or conflict with Canadian laws, culture and traditions, fine!! Islamism (which is what Judy E Wensel is referring to) is a different story altogether…it is a political ideology cloaked in the guise of religion!! And, so ‘light’ wife beating is okay? NO! It sure as hell is not!Nor are any of the other aspects of Islamism! Check out the difference between a Muslim and an Islamist! Then explain how we are to prevent the existence of the latter without a serious vetting process!T. Stephen Lush

  14. …the sign should read REJECT LIBTARDS.

  15. Don’t worry about Islam. It knows how to take care of itself .

  16. T. Stephen Lush They also believe in “honor killings: if they dont like what their women do

  17. This poll is complete propaganda BS, I’m so tired of stating the facts of Islam, written from their very own book – the Quran. Canadians really need to wake up, and do some homework, and investigate the facts, don’t rely on fake news/polls like this.

  18. Of coarse Muslims face discrimination and so it should be. Fricken Muslims think they can change our laws, take away our freedoms, basically force us to become a Muslim Country, the type of Country they supposedly fled from. If we did not have such a stupid idiot for a PM, they would have been sent to their Arab Country or better yet, never have come here. Trudeau is selling out our Country and he is too stupid to know it. We need to get large groups together and fight this Government!

  19. I believe some Canadians are educated regarding possible Muslim extremists who are being brought into our Country & their Sharia Law is not COMPATIBLE WITH OUR MONARCHACY, RIGHTS & FREEDOMS!

  20. In US, FBI stats for years have been showing hate crimes against Jews to be running at least 4 or 5 times the rate against Muslims.

    Perception is not the same as reality.

  21. Discrimination…an act or instance of discriminating, or of making a distinction.

    The distinctions are made when a particular definable group chooses to set themselves apart and follow laws different from the majority. Tell me, who is doing the discriminating?

  22. First of all Islam is not a race. And secondly they are advocating “light” wife beating. You can check on that if you doubt it. I’m not going to look it up twice because you can’t be bothered looking it up once.

  23. I discriminate against those who rape children, beat women and stone them , cut people’s heads off, etc. , are you getting it yet?

  24. 79 percent who were polled Muslims

  25. I am more interested in the 100,000 Christens that have died in the middle east. How come the Libtards are not talking about them?

    Disgusting how the media focuses on the Muslims getting dirty looks are harsh words.

    My kids went to school in Ottawa and they were picked on by mainly the Muslim kids in the Catholic school they attended.

    Try going to a Muslim school in the mid east as a Christen.

  26. People need to wake up. It’s like the NYT and J-Street “exit-polls” in the US which are the only ones available, which “teach” that 74% of Jews voted for Clinton. The left has figured out how to control polls. Why is J-Street the source conducting polls on US Jews, why are they doing polls in the first place, and used by the whole media, you may ask.

    You can figure out that Soros and his cronys have been trying to control global polling on many issues for some time, however like the Soviets and others he has a special obsession with the Jews. Soros was an initial man behind the curtain for Pew Research. Soros’ organizations, run accepted media polling in many eastern European former Soviet countries, such as the Ukraine, he owns the polling in most Central and South American countries, look up voter fraud in those places. Soros’s long time deputy Molloch-Brown controls electronic voting here in the US, look it up, you read right not polling actual vote counting.

    While the NYT hires people straight from globalresearch ca and electranicintifada, one a front for a neo Soviet agenda, and the other just antisemitic, and terrorist as they come. Diaa Hadid of the NYT was a senior editor at electronicintifada, before and why they hired her to cover the Jews.

  27. Or a liberal caucus meeting

  28. That’s the same 79% that made up Hillary’s election majority. It’s all media lies and manipulation of the information.

  29. They only poll liberals in eastern Canada and probably 90% muslims

  30. ABACUS – a Liberal Mouthpiece. . . like CBC and CIJ and the TO Star and TVO ad CP24 ad their ILK. . .

  31. Did they poll the Muslims?? Lol. Cuz wow. This poll sounds like b.s. to me

  32. This pole would be correct if it out right asked if we wanted this shria crap in our back yard and 79 would out right say NO

  33. I agree with everything you say Cheryl.

  34. If these Muslim do not like our way of life then they should go back to the country that well let do what their religion says.

  35. Cheryl Smith l agree with what you said, they’re culture should be discriminated against. I am against what they believe in. It is the most violent religion l have every read about. They have no respect for our way of life and they demand that we have to change our way of life to suit their religion (gave your head a shake) this is our country not theirs. They chose to live here so they need to change and stop demanding their way of live on us.

  36. where was the poll take liberal headquarters out on the street you dont hear that and there is no islamaphobia here or racism toward muslims liberals get confused over the damminjg of islamic beliefs the religion not the race that is not islamaphobic nor is it racist nor is pointing out the damages islam causes or the ones following their ilsmaic and sharia teaching and laws to the letter from the quran its time the ones claiming otherwise educated themselves before spouting off or doing polls then so they know what in hell they are talking about or is asked

  37. That would be my question

  38. I’m not sure how much I trust polls nowadays. Pollsters can’t seem to accurately represent anything lately

  39. Either 79% of Canadians are ignorant fools or the poll was taken in the halls of the CBC and The Toronto Star.

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