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Photo: Bnai Brith Canada
Photo: Bnai Brith Canada

Antisemitic message from “Nazi death squad” targets Winnipeg family

The Winnipeg Police Department and its Hate Crimes Coordinator are investigating an antisemitic incident that occurred in a residential neighbourhood near downtown Winnipeg on New Year’s Eve, B’nai Brith Canada reports.

According to B’nai Brith Canada, the incident took place in the Wolseley neighbourhood. When the homeowners arrived at their residence at around 10 p.m., they found a red gift bag that was placed near the front steps. Inside the bag was a large rock, roughly the size of a loaf of bread, wrapped in a ribbon. Painted on the rock, in red, uppercase letters, were the words: “DIE JEW BITCH. EINSATZGRUPPEN” (Nazi death squad).

A swastika was also painted onto the rock. On the red ribbon were the words, “Jude Bitch get out of neighberhood (sic).”

For more details click HERE.

To report an anti-Semitic incident to B’nai Brith Canada click HERE.

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Israel Bond RRSP Jan 2017

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  1. Amandeep Taneja You are absolutely right I am just replying on this attack. There are also attacks against Indigenous people, Indians, Blacks and other minorities but Jews are always used as scapegoats.

  2. It’s not just the Jews but people of all kinds who’s future lie in unity and a society free of hatred . We all stand together in this fight to keep the forces of hatred at bay .

  3. Hateful words on a rock is bad.

    What about a room full of neo-Nazis ‘Seig Heil’-ing Trump?

  4. Iranian in Ottawa

    Where is the Canadian Media outrage? Where is the Anti-Racism Directorate? Were are Mr. Justin Trudeau, John McCalum, Ralph Goodale, Maryam Monsef, Frank Bails, Omar Alghabra, and Iqra Khalid to strongly condemn this evil act and hateful message?

    Does racism to the above mentioned only apply to Sunni Muslims, BLM, and LGBT groups?

    A reader from Ottawa

    • Yes. Because the plan of Trudeau and his jesuits is to persecute the jews using apostate christianity. They can’t stand the jews or white protestants. Also to destroy apostate christianity by bringing in and empowering all groups that hate. That’s why what’s more important than mouthing off about the politicians is that we change this apostate culture and take back our politics. That’s the only way. The people dictate the political leaders. We deserve Trudeau because we are apostate. Simple. We can change that. But people can’t get it through their heads.

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