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Renanah Goldhar. Photo courtesy of Canada-Israel Friendship Association

Fighting back against the UN anti-Israel vote; public protest planned for Toronto

The UN Security Council recently approved a resolution demanding that Israel halt its construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. The US abstained from voting, thus ensuring its passage. According to PM Netanyahu, the Obama administration “initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated the wording and demanded that it be passed.” Kerry in his final speech even referred to Judea and Samaria as Palestinian territory.

This year alone, the Security Council passed 20 resolutions against Israel, one against Iran, nothing against Saudi Arabia, China , Cuba , Venezuala, China or Sudan. Israel complains that the UN obsessively focuses on Israel “settlements” – the cities, towns and villages that comprise the West Bank – and ignores illegal Palestinian Arab building.

Resolution 2334 declares and America acquiesces to a declaration stating that the Jewish state has no claim on the Western Wall, the Temple Mount and the entire Jewish quarter of Jerusalem. They belong to Palestine. All territory captured by Israel in a war of defense in l967, is “occupied Palestinian territory”.

Former Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee denounced the resolution as an “act of hate and contempt toward Israel”, in a visit to the Knesset on Tuesday.

On Thursday, January 5th, the US Congress’ House of Representatives will vote on a bi partisan resolution condemning UN Security Council Resolution 2334, calling it a “one-sided text”. The bill is co-sponsored by both parties.

“the Palestinian Arabs have launched wave after wave of terrorism against Israelis and other Jews and made hate the fuel that directs and runs their society,” says Eli Hertz All (Myths and Fact). “this before there was a State of Israel, before there was an “occupation” and it continues unabated to this very day.”

Goldi Steiner and Irving Weisdorf are co chairs of Canadians for Balfour 100, a new organization that aims to obliterate the web of lies and propaganda that demonizes and delegitimates Israel. “Is 2334 legally binding? “they query. “No, even though Israel’s enemies will construe it as such.” What it does do they say is “muddy the waters. It is mischievous and counter- productive and blatantly anti- Semitic.”

According to them, the truth is that Judea and Samaria are legal under international law. Israel a possesses valid title over all the land west of the Jordan River, in an act of international law detailed in the Mandate for Palestine in l922 and incorporated in Article 80 into the UN Charter. Resolution 2334 goes against article 80 and is not legally binding. The Arabs have been the aggressor every time. They began more than five major wars, political and economic boycotts and continuous incitement to hatred and violence, inculcating even their youngest children. Yes there was an occupation – in l948, when two invading Arab armies, Jordan in the West Bank and Egypt in Gaza – occupied territory that they took by acts of violence.

Renanah Gemeiner, one of the organizers of the protest demonstrations had this to say: “The world has been trying to take the Jewish homeland away from the Jews for thousands of years. Before and during WW2, Britain, bound by international law to facilitate Jewish immigration, blocked entry to (then) Palestine, to 6 million doomed Jews, who had nowhere else to go. At the same time they allowed massive illegal Arab immigration. The occupation lie is a continuation of the West’s collusion with Jihad against the Jewish people.”

Torontonians are outraged and will not take this in silence. Two demonstrations to protest the UN resolution and Obama’s collusion are planned. Both will take place on University Ave. across the road from the US Consulate.

On Thursday January 12th, noon -1:30: The organizers have titled it There is no “Occupation”: Only the Jewish People have Biblical, Historical, Legal, National Rights in Israel.

On Sunday January 15, the Occupation Lie demonstration will include the plight of the Yezidis and other non Muslim minorities in Northern Iraq, targeted by ISIS for genocide and virtually ignored by the UN and the West.

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About Doris Strub Epstein

Doris Strub Epstein
Doris is a multimedia journalist with many years of experience. She has worked in radio, television and print journalism and writes on a variety of topics, especially the crucial issues in Canadian and Jewish life.

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