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Ezra Levant. Photo: screenshot Rebel Media
Ezra Levant. Photo: screenshot Rebel Media

Ezra Levant sued for libel by CJPME over BDS campaign

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) has filed December 22, 2016 a libel action against Ezra Levant the co-founder of The Rebel Media, reports.

Seeking $100,000 in damages and $20,000 for punitive or exemplary damages, CJPME alleges that Levant defamed the organization by comparing its activists to Nazis and calling them “Jew-baiters” when he denounces their call to boycott Israeli product as part of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign.

According to report, CJPME emphasized that BDS “is not a criticism or attack on Jewish people or upon any person because of their religion or ethnicity,” and that the group “decries hatred, violence, racism and religious targeting of Jewish people in Canada and throughout the world.” The also it doesn’t claim to be a charity, and only its sister organization, the CJPME Foundation, is a charity.

CJPME’s libel action refers to a post on The Rebel (September 2016) entitled “Tax dollars subsidize Jew hatred in Canada. Help fight back against the Jewish boycott!” Levant asked readers to sign a petition against CJPME and wrote among other things the following:

The Nazis didn’t move straight to killing the Jews. First, they denormalized them, they dehumanized them.

For example, Nazi street thugs would stand outside Jewish-owned stores with signs saying, Don’t Buy From Jews. It was partly about causing financial pain to Jews. But it was mainly about making it normal, in polite company, to hate Jews and treat them atrociously — to soften up public opinion for what was to come next.

Well, they’re back, the extreme anti-Semites pushing the “Don’t Buy From Jews” attack. But they’ve made a few 21st-century improvements.

First of all, they don’t use the original German phrase, Kauft Nicht Bei Juden, they call it “boycott divestment and sanctions” now, or BDS.

They dropped the word “Jew” from their slogan — they use other code words, like “Zionist” or Israel”. But really, how different is “don’t buy anything from Jews”, versus “don’t buy anything from a country of Jews”.

I note that these activists do not have any other boycott campaigns. They don’t boycott China, the world’s largest dictatorship. They don’t even boycott Saudi Arabia, the most oppressive regime in the world, where women are treated like dogs.

Just the Jewish state is boycotted. Israel is an imperfect country, as all countries are, as all people are. But Israel is the one liberal democracy in the Middle East, the one safe, stable oasis of human rights, where Muslim citizens have the same civil rights as Jewish citizens and Christian citizens. Where Muslim citizens have more rights than they do in Muslim countries.

So that’s the BDS movement — they’re anti-Semites.

If you call for boycotts on Jewish products, you’re suspect to begin with. But if you only call for a boycott of Jews — and no-one else, including Muslim countries that are far worse — you meet the dictionary definition of anti-Semitism. It’s not the products you hate. It’s the Jews.

So when a Canadian anti-Semitic group with the Orwellian name of “Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East” (CJPME) uploads a video to the internet calling on their supporters to go into stores, on private property, and to tamper with Jewish products, and to place little anti-Semitic stickers on those products, to confuse or scare or pressure customers into joining their boycott — that’s when we need to fight back.

What should we do about these modern Jew-baiters? Well, we don’t believe in censorship, even for odious, racist ideas. It shouldn’t be a crime to be anti-Semitic. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight back against them using other means — like exposing them, debunking them, and in the case of CJPME, demanding that they no longer be subsidized by Canadian taxpayers.

Yes, that’s right: CJPME has Canadian charitable tax status. To spread anti-Semitism.

Is that charity work? Putting “warning” labels on Jewish products? Trespassing on private property for the purpose of interfering with those stores?

And what does the criminal code have to say about that? Section 430, in a section called criminal mischief reads as follows:

[430(1)] Every one commits mischief who wilfully destroys or damages property; renders property dangerous, useless, inoperative or ineffective; obstructs, interrupts or interferes with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property; or obstructs, interrupts or interferes with any person in the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property.

I don’t think these anti-Semites are destroying property or making it dangerous. But they’re definitely trying to obstruct, interrupt and interfere with property — the Jewish goods in question, and the store and its operations in general.

We need to fight back, and we will, in two ways:

1. We’ve launched a petition calling for the removal of CJPME’s charitable status, which you can sign below.

2. But to make the case stronger, we hired a great civil liberties lawyer, Sonya Shikhman, to help fight back against CJPME.

I promised her that I would try to raise $2,500 to retain her as a lawyer, with the goal of fighting back. I told her I’d try to crowd fund her fee, so please click here to help us pay the legal bill.

The Nazis had the audacity to stand there, in person, while being anti-Semitic. Today’s anti-Semites are more the hit-and-run types, sneaking into stores, including into Jewish stores, to essentially vandalize the place.

Join our fight against BDS. Sign our petition below; and help chip in the $2,500 to hire our civil liberties lawyer, Sonya Shikhman, our freedom fighter.

The Petition

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East must be stripped of their charitable status.

CJPME boycott campaign against Israel

The following are excerpts from CJPME boycott campaign against Israel as appeared on its website on January 5, 2017:


CJPME has recently launched a sticky note boycott initiative! CJPME is offering free packets of BDS sticky notes to Canadians wanting to discourage the purchase of products produced in Israel and its illegal “settlements.” Sign up to get your FREE sticky notes now!

Wondering where to put your BDS sticky notes, please take a look at CJPME’s recommended Canadian list of stores and products to target…


Click here to access CJPME’s recently issued one-page flyer on the BDS movement. On the first side, we show how BDS aligns perfectly with international law and Canadian policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. On the second side, we provide the maps of Palestinians dispossession, as well as answers to frequent questions and criticisms of BDS.


Welcome to CJPME’s Boycott Centre. This Centre provides a consolidated list of resources and tools for individuals who wish to contribute to the growing economic pressure on Israel to respect international law and the human rights of the Palestinian people.

While the resources and tools are oriented to CJPME’s Canadian constituency, CJPME believes that most of the resources and tools provided in these Webpages can be leveraged easily by anyone interested in promoting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign targeting Israel.

See an up-to-date list of all Canadian organizations applying economic pressure on Israel, whether by adoption of BDS, or via other means.

Understand the legal and moral justification for the boycott of Israel, then start boycotting.

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About CIJnews Staff

CIJnews Staff
CIJnews is an independent, dynamic and reliable online news source that serves the Canadian Jewish and Israeli communities and provides an uncensored platform for the spectrum of voices.


  1. Counter sue them into bankruptcy, Exra.

  2. Is that even a real organization? This is another group of inbred F’d up Libtards again, right? If they were Canadian they’d do something for Canada and quit the pandering to islamic countries. It’s basically a false suit to waste time, resources, and money. F’n morons.

  3. islamic lawfare at its finest.

  4. This is ridiculous. Ezra, no matter how vile he is, has every right to express his views. I do find it ironic though that a man who has expressed views attacking First Nations and Gypsies over his career is now employing Godwin’s law.

  5. No justice,sad to hear that freedom of speech is slowly disappearing in our great country.

  6. Continued support of newscasters like TheRebelMedia, Breitbart, Wikileaks becomes more imperative in this climate.

  7. why are Canadians so afraid of getting behind someone for freedom of speech? Why do they sit back and believe the courts or the government will make sure it’s fair? Why don’t they all shout out that they’re tired of the agendists? If freedom is not fought for then when it hits you, there will be no one left to fight with.

  8. freedom of speech is great…but when your speech infringes on the rights of others then you no longer have that right. Ezra Levant is a complete wing nut and full of crap. The Rebel Media is for people that are too simple to comprehend real news And that it is right wing propaganda and nothing more.

  9. What’s the matter! It’s okay for the left nuts to say whatever they like – Go Ezra! Keep up the good work.

  10. Dont stop Ezra you are a journalist and a dam good one.

  11. +I cannot understand why Ezra is being sued…. I would have to agree with Mr. Ed Smith on this one.

  12. This is how Ishamists twist the law to steal from their host countries. Because he is a Jew, they want him dead…if 1400 years of Isham continues.

  13. I find it funny that people refer to The Rebel as News. The Rebel is not news. I see people blaming the left for this. The Rebel is right wing propoganda, nothing more

  14. One the day when this become new canastan, I wonder how many will take up arms?

  15. The truth hasn’t worked for the so called Liberals of the world for years, free speech is being driven underground, I can’t wait for the people to revolt by voting strong honest people into power, it has started and it will come here as well just wait and see, this madness has to end or our freedoms will be lost forever. Ezra fight them Again, we need you to keep speaking out!!!!!!

  16. Hate speech is a speech that could likely cause the receivers of the speech to commit illegal acts that they would not otherwise commit…. and the CJMPE videos are doing exactly that, not only encouraging, but teaching people how to break the law… and what’s worse, it targets an identifiable group of people… Not to mention that BDS seeks the destruction of Israel by demanding indefensible borders and the demographic marginalization of Jews.

    Ezra’s comparing CJMPE to the beginnings of the WW2 German regime seems perfectly valid as the end result is the same.

  17. I wish everyone who agrees with BDS to hold true to their beliefs and get the hell off FB because whatever device you’re using to be here has something in it made or invented in Israel.

  18. Wait until one day it is you being sued for writing something on FB or speaking out about an issue that is offensive to certain people. We are all offended at one time or another, this is just a means to try & stop opposing views. It is a dangerous move & these frivolous lawsuits should never be allowed to go to court. We need to vote in Judges, not allow them to be appointed by the Government.

  19. I though we had Freedom of Speech in Canada ….Ezra you guys doing a great job …

  20. Couldn’t have happened to a better person. Hope he looses like his last law suite.

  21. free speech , as long as you follow liberal narratives.

  22. This man loses every libel lawsuits he can find, gives credibility to the MSM and Alt Right term Cuckservative

  23. The left is trying to kill the only right wing news outlet left by bankrupting it with bogus legal fees. Donate to Ezra’s legal fund to stop this. I am sure the CJPME receives government funding, Rebel media does not.

    • They did this to him constantly when he was on Sun TV, they will never stop till all alternative news are broken, we need people in power to stop this oppression of truth, or at least differing thoughts, we are no better off here in a so called democratic country than if we were in Russia or China its scary as hell

  24. Ezra Levant has been SUCCESSFULLY sued at least twice, plus had to issue apologies several times to stop suits from proceeding.

  25. Maybe they should just “tend” to their goats!!!!! FFS!!!!!

  26. Ezra Levant sued!???? Well! That’s the first time, EVER. This week! LMAO!!

  27. Isn’t this the second time this clown has been sued?

  28. How about theyn try for Justice and Peace in North America or is that not a worthy effort.

  29. This is incredibly sad!
    The boycott group is amazing in its quest to destroy freedom of expression. .
    It looks as though there is to be no justice for Ezra. ..

  30. As Andy Warhol said, in the future, Ezra Levant will be sued every 15 minutes.

  31. Ezra is a wise jewish man.

  32. The Left has found a new tool in their quest to stifle Freedom of Speech.

    George Orwell should actually be raised to “prophet” status…

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