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Metro Toronto calls Black Lives Matter “anti-racism group”

On January 3, 2017, Metro Toronto posted an article penned by Gilbert Ngabo and entitled “Muslim youth in Toronto start crowdfunding campaign for Black Lives Matter.”

Ngabo portrayed Black Lives Matter as an “anti-racism group.” In this regard he wrote the following:

Young Muslims in Toronto are extending a helping hand to the local Black Lives Matter movement.

In a campaign dubbed Love Is the Cure, Muslim youth have started a Gofundme page to raise money for the anti-racism group. Their goal is to donate at least $5,000. Organizers say they want to express solidarity with Black Lives Matter and help unite two communities facing similar challenges.”

The Gofundme campaign entitled “Building love w/Black Muslims & BLM” initiated by Mississauga Imam Ibrahim Hindy states among other things the following:

Our goal now is not just to “move on” but rather, to “move forward” and follow in the footsteps of the Prophet () who not only defended marginalized groups but empowered them. When our Prophet () was offered political power and acceptance by the elites of society on the condition that he rejected and demeaned the slaves, the poor and the marginalized Muslims, he refused and instead endured persecution.

We believe there is much work to be done. We need more education, and honest discussion about race and equality. These conversations should not just take place in broader society, but happen within the Muslim community.

We ask that you kindly donate to Black Lives Matter Toronto, as we commit to build solidarity and facilitate uncomfortable conversations within the Muslim community to help enable our community to fight for racial justice – the same justice that our Prophet Muhammad () aspired for us to reach in his final sermon.

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