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Justin Trudeau. Photo: CIJnews

Trudeau says Canadian values are based on openness, acceptance, inclusivity

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued on January 6, 2017 the following statement on Orthodox Christmas:

This week, Orthodox Christians in Canada and around the world will celebrate Christmas.

This joyful time of year is an opportunity to gather with family and friends to reflect on the many blessings in our lives. It also gives us a chance to reaffirm our commitment to live in a peaceful, inclusive society.

This year marks our nation’s 150th anniversary. Openness and acceptance are at the heart of what it means to be Canadian, and we should take every opportunity we can to celebrate the many cultures, traditions, and beliefs that make Canada such a wonderful place to live.

Let us also use this occasion to show greater compassion and humanity to those most vulnerable, at home and around the world.

On behalf of the Government of Canada, Sophie and I wish you and your family a merry Christmas, and health and happiness in the year ahead.

Inclusivity is one of the pillars of Trudeau government’s policy. Speaking at the University of Havana on November 2016, Trudeau “emphasized the importance of Canadian values related to gender equality, and building a stronger, more inclusive society.”

Trudeau believes that the most effective tools to counter radicalization is developing a more inclusive society that welcomes Muslims and give them an equal chance to succeed.

The following is an excerpt from Trudeau’s interview to The Daily Show (published on May 19, 2016):


Minster Prime Minister, we’re sitting here in the wake of so many terror attacks. How can you be sure, letting all these refugees, that even if 0.1 percent become radicalized, you could be living with 25 different Paris attacks, 25 Belgium attacks. how can you go to sleep at night knowing that that risk is imminent?”

Justin Trudeau:

We live in a world where there are always risks. The question is how much do you want to live in fear of these risks. The best counter to the kind of radicalization and marginalization, as we’ve seen in other parts of the world is to create an inclusive society where everyone, especially Muslim Canadians, have every opportunity to succeed just like anybody else.”

Addressing the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations [Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal (CORIM)] on October 17, 2016, Stéphane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs commended Trudeau for his charisma and for promoting values of openness and inclusivity. In this regard, Dion said the following:

The exceptional interest in our country is largely due to the charisma of our Prime Minister, but not only that. It is also due to his message: a message of hope, confidence, openness and inclusive growthHis message is clear: our country is strong not despite its diversity, but because of it. He said that we should not accept fewer refugees, but more. He said that every wave of refugees makes us stronger than before. And he said that Canada would be back on the world stage.”

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CIJnews Staff
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  1. Bob's your uncle, Fidel's your daddy

    Born on Christmas Day… celebrates with Muslims. He’s a cute idiot, but still an idiot.

    In the words of the legendary Judge Judy, “Beauty fades — dumb is forever.”

  2. Openness, acceptance, accommodations is what has been going on in France, England, and other European Countries.
    Now, look at the results: Europe is getting infiltrated by jihadists, Islamists, illegal migrants.
    It is a disaster for Europe, it is presently being Islamized

  3. Trudeau must be getting a big kickback from the Muslim community to allow them to get such a big foothold here in Canada. Everything he does relates to Muslim countries. Every country they go into and get s strong foothold there is nothing but trouble. They are no an ambitious people and do nothing for mankind.

  4. It is based on “Social Engineering ” by our government and not freedom of choice. Canada should be first then everybody can get along much better.

  5. The budget will balance itself, don’t worry lol.

  6. Trudeau has no values or value, for that matter.

  7. new growth or net growth lol

  8. He is so obsessed with Islam yet he’s also that f word….feminist. How do you figure eh? One word, liberals.

  9. please do the best thing for this country and retire…..

  10. Yes,to people who accept the same values, and don’t try to push their beliefs and ways of life on us. Islamic cultural imperialism is never acceptable.

  11. I do know what my values are. I don’t need an elected head trying to tell me what they are. Just do your bloody job.

  12. He thinks that if we don’t allow terrorists, rapists and murderers to be citizens, then Canadian citizenship has no value.

  13. is he going to hold himself responsible for any attacks that may happen from refugees that he,s let in to CANADA ??? WE THE PEOPLE WILL HOLD HIM RESPONSIBLE !!!

  14. This idiot eventually will give away the country…

  15. not so open that all our brains fell out I hope….frig

  16. Openness ??? so what happened to the transparency act towards the natives CHIEFS ???

  17. so know he knows my values?

  18. I say he does not know Canadians too well…

  19. Canadian values are , God , family , country . We try to be polite , but we can get as dirty as the meanest mother …… out there , we believe in helping those that truly need our help , we believe in charity , equality , fairness . That’s the Canadian people . Canadian politicians believe that we are here to serve and service them . They do not represent the voices of true Canadians !

  20. Trudeau needs to learn from the Australian PM

  21. Inclusivity is a paradoxical value, yet it has become a sort of mantra here in south Ontario. It’s empty, nonsensical, political language and we should be wary of politicians who speak like this. How about valuing the Canadians who are already here and pay for everything, not those who only come to take our already accumulated social and physical capital.

    • To value something means simultaneously to devalue other things. To value is an exclusionary process. The alternative is valuelessness, which is the equivalent to nihilism. And nihilism does not produce freedom from exclusion, it just makes everyone excluded and this is a intolerable state. directionless, uncertain, chaotic, and angst ridden.

  22. Canadians like their money to be spent at home ..Helping the Canadian people ..Over 10 years other countries have come first it seems

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