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Israel Bond RRSP Jan 2017
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The Rebel outranks CBC News with 500,000 YouTube subscribers

The Rebel Media reports that on January 5, 2017 its YouTube Channel hit 500,000 subscribers.

Rebel Media is now ranked number 101 among top 500 YouTubers news channel well ahead of BBC News, The Huffington Post, MSNBC, HLN, CBS News and CBC News (266,829 subscribers).

Ezra Levant, co-founder of The Rebel Media, has recently presented his “Big Plan” to make The Rebel “as big as Global News, CTV and even the CBC.”

Based on crowdfunding, the “Big Plan” includes renting a new and bigger office, building a new studio and purchasing the needed equipment for the studio and office.

The big plan is to take our channel,, and turn it into the largest, most influential news media outlet in Canada,” said Levant. According to the The Rebel, on an average day, more than 600,000 people watch Rebel videos.

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Israel Bond RRSP Jan 2017

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  1. Still not going to pay to see your services when we all know your raking in advertising and private donner cash
    So what is fb paying you ???

  2. Good for Brian Lilley. Good for Canada. CBC needs to be scrapped. I have had enough of Mansbridge’s biased, Liberal prepared propapoop.

  3. Great going, Rebel! Apparently there does exist a dire need for media outlets that will “tell the other side of the story”! Progressive, liberal mainstream media close their minds to this undeniable truth: “People want facts presented without the spin so that they can determine for themselves what to believe! People desire the CHOICE! If the choice does not exist, people will create their own voice so that they can be heard.”

    The truth will set you free!

  4. …You say,.“Big Plan” to make The Rebel “as big as Global News, CTV and even the CBC.”..and i thought you already were.
    ..seriously,. time is right,.its perfect to take them all out,.its happening south of the 49th and it will happen here,.msm is dying a slow death and people are ntuning against them in droves,.go hard but tread softly.

  5. Yet one spouts lies and partisan BS, and the other media outlet is run by a Jewish guy who gets sued for calling anti Semitic people Anti Semites.

  6. Hey, during the intelligence hearing they said Russia was responsible for fake news.

  7. No wonder leftists are crapping their pants and inventing this “fake news” narrative. They know that and and breitbart and drudge are now the mainstream. Mainstream media is dead and discredited.

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