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Canadians Against Islamization to protest at Peel District School Board

Activists with the group Canadians Against Islamization are planning a demonstration on Tuesday January 10, 2017 at Peel District School Board – PDSB (5650 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON) to protest against the PDSB’s recommendations to allow more religious accommodation in public schools.

In consultation with the its senior administration and Equity staff, Peel District School Board has recently formulated the following recommendations to revise the Religious Accommodation Operating Procedure for prayer, including Jummah [Friday] prayer for Muslim students in public school:

  • All prayer spaces will continue to be supervised by school staff.
  • Prayer will be led by students only, on Friday, for Jummah prayer.
  • Two or more students can pray together on any other day but prayers would not be led nor include a sermon.
  • Students may write their own sermon (khutbah} or can use a sermon (khutbah) from a bank of prewritten sermons, obtained from the school MSA or a local faith leader.
  • Sermons will be presented in English, except for any verses quoted directly from the Quran.
  • Sermons must comply with the school code of conduct, the Education Act, its Regulations and the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • As with all student activities in schools, appropriate disciplinary and corrective action will be taken where there are any contraventions of the Ontario Human Rights Code or the school code of conduct.

On January 10, 2017, Peel District School Board will vote on this recommendations. Representatives of the Muslim community in Peel Region who attended the meeting demanded more accommodating arrangements for Muslim students at public schools that will allow students to pray in groups at school any day of the week and to write and deliver their own sermons.

An activist with Canadians Against Islamization told CIJnews that the new group wants to help the federal government fight radicalization by providing authorities with information about radical Islam in Canada and educating Canadians about the danger of Islamization to democracy, human rights and freedoms. The group opposes any religious activity in public schools and calls on PDSB to stick to the principal of separation of State and religion.

The activist added that starting on January 21, 2017, Canadians Against Islamization will protest every Saturday from 2 to 4 pm at Toronto’s Dundas Sqaure against the dissemination of radical Islamic literature in Toronto by Dawah activists at the Islamic booth “Free Info on Islam”.

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  1. This is long term plan to convert canada into islamization

  2.  I am from Iraq. Originally my mom’s family were from Turkey. They were forced to leave before WWI. My grandmother’s aunt was raped, her grandfather was shot but survived. They lost their land and were pushed to move into Iraq. Born from a Christian family in Iraq, no one *Muslim* would dare do a thing when Saddam was in power.
    We left Iraq 1997.  But after 2003 things were never the same for Christians, it will never be the same. Things have changed dramatically and these cowards (Muslims) took advantage of the corrupt government with a lot of help from the Obama administration which allowed ISIS to exist and  do what they do. Things are not the same. I will never forget I will not forgive.  Islam will end, Islam will decay. Islam will be wiped out from this Earth.

  3. Did anyone attend this meeting tonight?? How did it go?? Were there protestors?? Did the prayer supporters refuse to stand for the national anthem once again??

  4. It is so disrespectful for some of these people to make rude remarks regarding Christians & jews. Most of you have no idea what you are talking about. I tell you your remarks have no value since you have never gone inside a church or even opened a Bible,or gone to a Jewish temple. Therefore you disqualify yourself.

  5. How about Canadians Against Racism?

    “You know, if there’s one positive thing about Trump’s election is that the racists we’ve been covering here for years have become refreshingly honest about their views.”

  6. Don’t pay attention. I smile when people write these ignorant comments and I even ‘like” them…you know what they say…hold your friends close, your enemies closer. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  7. Danish Mirza, do you not fear radical Islamist? How would you suggest we handle differentiating between peaceful Muslims and radicals? The fear is real and justified, you can understand that can you not? I don’t know what to think, and trust is earned not given, the problem is people die! The Canadian that died in Turkey was a Muslim, a mother, a wife. Who will be safe? Can you offer any advice?

  8. Let me ask this question! what would happen if me and my family (western Family) would move to Syria ask for a job in politics, send my kids to their schools wearing our clothes ? and have my wife apply to become a police officer? would it take 24 hours until we were all dead? yet we open our arms welcome them with money jobs and housing. letting them live as they were in their own Country! GO HOME

    • It is happening. If you go to any country except Saudi Arabia, there is no dress code. There nothing called Islamic or Western clothing. And in the Arabic speaking countries there is at least two to three million westerners living there as teachers engineers doctors or businessmen. Actually they are the ones controlling economy. Not the locals. I thing you need to learn more.

      • They live there according to the rules of that country. They are never given citizenship, they are not allowed to rom around the way they do in their home countries. And be couragious enough to comment with your name u coward. All foreigners in islamic countries are following the local rules.

      • Those who are concerned on this issue, we shall start opposing in real world. Not by comments. Come to next meeting with PDSB on 14th Feb at their headquarters on Hurontario rd and lets show them by being present their. We as canadians shall not let religion / religious values be used by politicians(Liberals in this case) for Vote bank politics.

    • Last time I checked, the west was too busy bombing it into oblivion, so of course you wouldn’t have acces to those things! Don’t be foolish. Syrians dont wan tot come here, why don’t you call our governments to stop propagating war, then tell them to go home!

    • Actually Syria was secular b4 isis .western white folk could wear ur cloths ur wife could become a police officer and woman did not have to a hijab. It’s a Roth child central bank issue or the fact that they would not allow a central bank hence the war in Syria Iraq Iran and Libya

    • It’s a central bank war. Countries that don’t have a central bank or didn’t have one till 911 are where we are fighting isis people have to wake up to the deception of the rich

  9. If you dont know what Islam really is, this should open your eyes:


  11. hell they removed the lords prayer from all public school in the 80s and now they want this 3rd world religion in/wtf!!

  12. the catholics have their own school system/why don’t these scummy bastards do it too

  13. This is fear mongering at its finest! Islamization is not coming to Canada! It’s not real! It’s in your heads! Just like your god, it’s in your head, it’s not real.

  14. TRUDEAU is doing it for VOTES only.

  15. this is all out war here so get the gun’s read for they are leaving this country or they change to our ways here

  16. Should be next to no one attending as Canada is better than this bigotry.

  17. How about that Catholic invasion a hundred or so years ago? How come no one is against that??

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