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Real Housewives of ISIS. Photo: screenshot BBC

BBC’s skit “Real Housewives of ISIS” stirs controversy

The Facebook group “Converts To Islam” which give platforms also to Canadians converts to Islam, slams the latest BBC’s skit entitled “Real Housewives of ISIS” which mocks the Islamic State (aka IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Calipahte) for abusing women and denying them basic human rights.

On January 9. 2017, “Converts To Islam” shared a post written by Abdulrahim Elmi who wrote among other things the following:

Another low life production by BBC2… The programme claims to be a “satire” of the Islamic state, however they have brought in actresses that dress and look like normal Muslim women and are also making fun of some things in the Islamic faith.

When people watch this show it will be easy for them to view all Muslims like this and will be difficult for them to differentiate. After all, if we dress like this, we must also think like this right?

This show is only fuelling the hate inside racist and bigotted minds and will only amplify the hatred currently existing towards Muslims in the UK. I am really shocked and upset that this show is being broadcasted on British TV.

A petition initiated by John Barker from Ilford, UK calls for stopping “the extremely offensive “Real housewives of isis” skit from the BBC.” The following is the text of the petition:

It can be seen that the BBC has decided to produce a skit depicting Muslim women in association with isis, wearing bomb vests and making offensive remarks with the objective of being comedic.

One of the housewives in the clip says “Abdul seduced me online. He had me at free healthcare.”

Some have argued that this is excersising freedom of speech however imagine how silly it would be if a terrorist organisation spreading hate messages at an event used the mask of “freedom of speech”.

With the recent attacks on innocent Muslims in the UK and the increase of hatred towards Muslims, the media should be working towards demonstrating a difference between terrorists claiming to be Muslims and innocent UK citizens who are Muslim. But instead, we see the BBC producing this skit which is bound to aid the increase of racism and attacks towards innocent Muslims.

If you support this petition we can make clear to the BBC that we will not stand for such offensive media which will have a huge negative impact on daily life for Muslims. You can make a change. Every signature counts.

To read/ sign the petition click HERE.

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