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Rose Wolfe- A Giant in the Jewish Community and The Greater Canadian Community

With sadness but with also incredible admiration and awe I wish to share the passing of my cousin Rose Wolfe, this past Friday.

Rose, like my own dearly departed mother Annalee, was an incredible driving force.

Rose was a member of the University of Toronto’s Governing Council for many years+ she was U of T Chancellor from 1991-1997. In 1999, she was inducted into the Order of Canada in recognition of her enormous contribution to Canada in terms of social justice, education+ philanthropy.

Rose’s community achievements over a lifetime of volunteerism are too numerous to list. But here are a few highlights. Rose served as vice president of the Women’s Division of the United Jewish Appeal; president of the Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations; and president of Jewish Family and Child Services.

As U of T Chancellor, Rose fought for female leadership in academia and for the study of Yiddish. As Chancellor she personally endowed the Chair of Holocaust Studies at U of T.

On a personal note, as a former Montrealer and struggling grad student in the 70s in Toronto, I recall with warm nostalgia how Rose+ her husband, Ray ( my first cousin, once removed) were very kind to me in those days. Thereafter over the years I and my then first wife, spent a great deal of time with Ray and Rose at their home and at community functions. She and Ray (CEO of the Oshawa Group, owners of IGA in Ontario) were not only giants in the Canadian Jewish community, but giants in the greater Canadian community.

For those who follow my writing, I am no fan of the biased left wing Toronto Star, but in this one exceptional case, the Star “done good”. It devoted a whole page to the multiple and varied life achievements of Rose. Wow, this incredibly dynamic woman was exceptional. Rest in peace, Rose. You had an amazing run!

Mitch Wolfe is the author of “Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House”, written and published months before the election and available on

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About Mitch Wolfe

Mitch Wolfe
Mitch Wolfe is a writer, political analyst and social commentator. He writes and has written for Huffington Post, iPolitics, The Rebel Media, Canada Free Press CIJNews. He is the author of the brilliant book “Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House”, which has been available since September on You can follow him on Facebook as Mitch Wolfe and on Twitter @MWolfe9216

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