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Study recommends measures to support CBC’s role in fighting “fake news”

“What role can government play to support credible sources and counter the fake news phenomenon?”, Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, tweeted on January 23, 2017.

In an interview with La Presse, Jolie revealed her plan to launch a dialogue with Facebook and Google over their responsibility as vehicles to spread information worldwide. “It is time to show a governmental leadership in order to present the perspective of the people of a democratic state,” said (originally in French) Minister Joly who recently participated in a panel in Davos, Switzerland, on fake news.

Quartz reported that following the discussions in Davos, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is set to continue the conversations through its Global Future Council on Human Rights to examine how large internet companies deal with privacy and free speech and explore ways to limit the spread of misinformation, political propaganda, and extremist content online.

“The Shattered Mirror”, a study released on January 26, 2017 by the Public Policy Forum, suggests that the news industry in Canada is reaching a crisis point in light of the decline of traditional media, fragmentation of audiences and the rise of fake news which are described as “a growing threat to the health of our democracy.”

The study “ investigates the major shifts and disruptors in news and journalism – the broken business model, under-development of digital-only news providers and consolidation of digital distribution revenues by Google and Facebook.”

It includes recommended measures to strengthen the economic sustainability of news media and to promote civicfunction journalism and digital. The following are the 12 recommendations of the study:

  • Enhance Section 19 and 19.1 of the Income Tax Act to support civic-function journalism in Canada, whether by incentivizing Canada-centred news organizations to do more reporting or, for those that don’t, creating a revenue stream to support a Future of Journalism & Democracy Fund.
  • Extend GST/HST to all digital news subscriptionand advertising revenue for companies not qualifying under new Section 19 criteria. Rebate GST/HST for those that do qualify.
  • Remove obstacles to philanthropic financing.
  • Review the Copyright Act’s fairdealing rules to strengthen rights of news originators to control their intellectual property.
  • Create a Future of Journalism & Democracy Fund.
  • A legal advisory service for investigative/accountability journalism.
  • Establish a local mandate for The Canadian Press.
  • Establish an Indigenous journalism initiative in keeping with a new era of reconciliation, self-government and nation-to-nation relations.
  • Establish a research institute dedicated to the study of news and democracy.
  • Bolster the ‘inform’ imperative in the CBC mandate to “enhance the base layer of reliable news to inform Canada’s citizenry.”
  • Financing for CBC online by “free[ing] of the need to “attract eyeballs” for digital advertising, which can run contrary to its civic-function mission and draw it into a “clickbait” mentality.”
  • Encourage a digital-age approach to public broadcasting.

To read the study click HERE.

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Israel Bond RRSP Jan 2017

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CIJnews Staff
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  1. This organization used to be an unbiased news provider, we have since come to see it for what it is – a liberal propaganda machine. It has been bought and paid for with our tax dollars. 150 million post election payment and wanting another 4 to 5 hundred million so they don’t have to work to get advertising dollars. It’s a joke, with what they have turned into it is time to tackle the huge deficits we are about to have to pay by cutting their funding and sell the entity to whomever wants to buy it. It no longer has any merit.

  2. I hope they will take a look at the fake news they published around Alan Khurdi then. The CBC was instrumental in giving (and continuing to give) the fake news around this boy. That was the turning point in the Canadian election. THE CBC MUST BE PRIVATIZED.

  3. CBC does nothing but lie to the public, this institution needs to be shut down

  4. The CBC can concentrate on “real” news stories of at times questionable relevance reported in a “bland” or “dull” way

  5. They ARE the fake news!! 😂😂😂😂

  6. Want to fix fake anything? Get rid of Liberals!

  7. Guess you will have to leave and give Canada back the bribe monies from trudeau

  8. Get rid of fake and opinionated news as well.

  9. All the critics of CBC who never actually watch/hear CBC but know all about its content.

  10. They also are the originator of them then what?

  11. This would be funny, if it were not so pathetically sad, considering the fact that CBC is the actual source of a vast amount of the fake news disseminated in Canada!

  12. You are kidding us all,m CBC after CNN you are the biggest fraud’s of fake news, you should be closed down, a drain on our econ my

  13. not good, extending hst to online

  14. Jail the person who is responsible for reporting the lies. ..and the one’s who is threatening the workers to tell the lies.

  15. CBC is a BIG part of FAKE NEWS

  16. What bullsh$&. CBC is fake news. cij probably is too.

  17. #FreeOurChristianLands CBC is fake news, sell it. no more taxpayers money for those morons

  18. CBC is so biased that slamming the door shut on it would be a start on shutting down fake news.

  19. It was on the CBC this morning that the liberals are studying a tax that would apply to face book and google. that money would be used to fund “real news” and to save local papers and journalist jobs and to police “Fake News”…There is not a tax the liberals do not like

  20. I can not Stand to watch the CBC and their cherry picking ways…and misinformation…i also hate that we as Canadians have to foot the bill to a tune well over a billion dollars..

  21. The propaganda ministry looking for a cash infusion and a reason to grow.

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