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Janaya Khan. Photo: CIJnews

BLM TO co-founder: Donald Trump is “illegitimate President”

Janaya Khan, “a Black, queer, gender-nonconforming activist, social-justice educator and a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto,” calls Donald Trump an “illegitimate President” because of his “racist” and “Islamophobic” policy.

In an interview with Democracy Now during Anti Trump Protest in California Janaya Khan said the following:

My name is Janaya Khan and I’m representing the movement from Black Lives [Matter] here from Toronto but in California.

What we’re seeing is people actively voicing their dissent in light of a horrible truth that is Donald Trump. He has used racism, bigotry, suggested Muslim registry, uses Islamophobia.

He has used and acted any system of oppression in order to gain power and this is 2017. He [Trump] is an illegitimate President and we do not respect him as such.

Analyzing the challenges black people are facing following the Brexit and the election of Donald Trump to the President of the US in a lecture in Amsterdam (December 20, 2016), Janaya Khan implicitly suggested that the “regular people” and “white people” are “racists” because they voted Trump in. in this regard Khan said the following:

We need to stop making the distinction between racists and regular people. Because here’s the reality. Those people at administrative power they might be the open and active racists, but it is the inactive people who made them in power. It’s now the people who are waving Confederate flags and wearing KKK [Ku Klux Klan] uniforms. Now, it was regular people with public white people just deserve a chance, who just needed a fair shake, because white people never get a fair shake, and it’s really hard for white folks, you know, all that privilege. [crowd laughing] Where does one even start? you know… we fight for freedom we fight for liberation.

In summer 2016, Janaya Khan accused “white supremacy” and “white people” of creating the conditions of a “race war” by systematically oppressing people and using police forces and military to brutalize them.

On July 13, 2016, Janaya Khan posted the following on Facebook:

let’s be clear about some things:

when you make every attempt to eradicate entire populations of people and steal their land

when you steal people, place them on ships and enslave them on said stolen land

when the wealth and economy made by stolen land and stolen labour are then used to keep those populations oppressed, ensuring reserves experience some of the harshest conditions and enslavement mutates into the prison industrial complex

when you create internment camps, indentured labourers, exploitative conditions for migrant workers

when you create policies, legislation and institutions that depend on the exploitation of those populations who are denied access on every socio-economic and political level, who are most vulnerable to state sanctioned violence

and use police forces and military to brutalize those people

and its white supremacy/white people that created, facilitated, directed and benefited from the aforementioned histories and realities…

i’d say those are the conditions of a race war.

not people trying to break free of one.

In an interview to the British NUS (National Union of Students) Black Students, Janaya Khan explained in detail the ideology of Black Lives Matter and its long-run goals.

She is in favour of espousing “non-Police and non-prison base strategies” and working towards “actively demilitarizing the Police.”

Khan’s vision is based on an idea of Black Autonomy and black self-determination and it includes the developing of “our own autonomous communities” which will not need the Police.

She also fended off claims of black on black crime arguing that violence in Black communities is “a result of systemic oppression” by authorities.

Janaya Khan also claimed that the Orlando massacre, in which a ISIS-inspired devout Muslim murdered 44 people in a gay nightclub (June 12, 2016), “is not Islam” but “a result of centuries old hate” that was “constructed by imperialism.”

She warned that “white supremacy will blame Islam” and “it will use this to further justify inflated military response” in order “to kill Muslims all over the world.”

Blaming Islam is “racism”, according to Khan. “I will call out the racism that blames Islam, Muslims and Black and brown people,” she wrote.

Khan’s statement goes in line with the position espoused by Black Lives Matter – Toronto, the self proclaimed “coalition of Black Torontonians resisting anti-Black racism, state-sponsored violence, police brutality.”

Black Lives Matter-Toronto exonerated Islam from responsibility of terrorism following the Orlando massacre and identified white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and militarism as the “enemy” and blame these four forces of responsibility for creating terrorism and homophobia.

The enemy is now and has always been the four threats of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and militarism. These forces and not Islam create terrorism. These forces, and not queerness, create homophobia… Until these systems are defeated, until anti-Blackness no longer fuels anti-Muslim and anti-queer and trans bigotry, exploitation, and exclusion — we can never be truly free,” the posting of Black Lives Matter-Toronto read.

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About Jonathan D. Halevi

Jonathan D. Halevi
Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi is co-founder and editor of CIJnews and a senior researcher of the Middle East and radical Islam at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He is also a co-founder of the Orient Research Group Ltd.


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  3. Guess she’s/he’s/its mistaken us for those few who care …

  4. You girl are the worst role model ever and anyone who takes anything you say seriously has a,problem. And it is not because you are black, it is because of the hatred that spews out of your mouth. I feel very very sorry for you.

  5. I believe the appropriate response to her accusation is, “Um, who cares”.

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  7. What a vulgar and evil human being, she is full of hate filled, ugly demons of sin and murder and needs to be put in apprised, not given a microphone.

  8. I think the key word here is he is not an American, so what is his/her problem, other than hating others and being ignorant of real life. BTW, the sentence is missing the word “an” in front of the word “illegitimate>” Back to school children!

  9. Amazing how after 8yrs. Of a black Muslim President how all this rascist crap is at the forefront, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

  10. Thanks for kicking off the Re-Elect President Donald Trump 2020 campaign. Please like her and BLM will no doubt guarantee that President Trump will win a larger majority in 2020. Thanks also for kicking off the Throw Out the Traitor Trudeau 2019 campaign. Normal decent people do not want this anarchy in their country.

  11. She is the most racist person.

  12. BLM is a racist hate-group and a terrorist organization.

  13. Kkk is a product of the Democratic party read up on it

  14. He is legitimate and he represents American racists and their views. You can disagree with him but that’s it.

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  17. This group lost all credibility when they hijacked Toronto pride parade and blackmailed and extorted a concession denying police a place in the parade.Just seems hypocritical in a big way.

  18. She’s not even American, Trump is literally not her president!

  19. Muslim is not a race. It’s a religion.

    Trump is a biggot. But you can’t call him a racist for his policies as it’s not based on ones skin colour.

  20. Well she is a complete idiot.

  21. Sounds like someone needs a good smack upside the head. With a brick.

  22. Who is legitimate? These people should check their own legitimacy first before commenting on others!!!

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  28. Well schucks who wouldnt believe a Black, queer, gender-nonconforming activist, social-justice educator ……

  29. BLM should never be allowed to exist!

  30. Says all of them from some penitentiary..

  31. Are you ok with a woman’s role in Muslim society Amy ?

  32. I disagree with statement. He won. He is president

  33. “What about all the other rich Muslim countries? They banned Muslim immigration from the very beginning. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar— are they racist, too?”

  34. Well, out he goes then. We can’t be pissing off our BLM, non conforming gender bending. Queer, undefined, myopic, etc etc people like that.
    I mean – who would do all the work and pay all the taxes if not them ….

  35. Ah the pot calling the kettle black look to your own backyard first honey ALL LIVES MATTER!

  36. Donald Trump is wise to what is destroying USA soverignty and going to eliminate the issues that are destroying this country.

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  38. Amy Winter so perhaps we feel the same about allowing possible terrorists in to do harm and to incite others to do harm. Like you said when in Rome….

  39. Get a life! GROW UP! You are the racist! He is legitimate all right! He was elected President! Get over it! You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to stir things up Enough already!

  40. They have the gall of accusing Trump of being racist when their so-called movement starts of with black lives? What about all lives matter..this way, nobody is left out? What’s sad is that there are stupid White people who side with this racist group and they’re the ones the blacks hate…like I said, stupid!

  41. The black lives matter is illegitimate, like their welfare babies!

  42. Milo does not represent me.

  43. The fact that she supports BLM shows that she is a racist! If someone from the KKK protested WLM, they would be racist, right? Larry

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