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Omar Alghabra. Photo: Facebook

Omar Alghabra hails Canada’s open-door policy towards immigrants, refugees

Liberal MP Omar Alghabra (Mississauga Centre), who serves also as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs specializing in consular affairs, implicitly criticizes US President Donald Trump’s Executive Order “Protecting the Nation form Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States” that temporarily bars travellers from seven nations (including Syria) that are known of their support of terrorism or serves as major hubs for terrorist groups.

Trump instructed the security agencies to formulate during the next few months a new policy to ensure a more effective security screening of terrorists and criminals before entering the US.

On his Facebook page, Alghabra posted the following:

I’m originally from Syria. I achieved in Canada what I wouldn’t have been able to achieve anywhere else in the world. It was Canada and Canadians who provided me with an opportunity to grow and chase my potential.

I pursued my education. I worked in the private and public sectors. I volunteered with community organizations. I learned so much about fairness, equity, human rights and inclusive prosperity.

Today, I’m honoured to serve Canadians of all backgrounds, to defend their rights and to help them achieve their own potential. When individuals are offered the opportunity to live in dignity, they lift themselves up and the societies they live in.

Thank you, Canada!

Our work is not done yet, though!

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  1. open door policy is a bad idea.

  2. The fox is watching the hen house! 🙁

  3. I take it that Omar is in favour of this

    which I might add that this gives terrorists the opportunity to attack at will without facing any deportation or jail time.
    Justin did not stand for our safety and protection but rather put our lives security at risk when he made that outrageous statement.

  4. This act of treason will put the final nail in Canada’s coffin….

  5. Jesus help us!

  6. Are the radical Islamists holding a gun to his head or threatening his family? This is like the fox guarding the hen house. No conflict of interest here right?

  7. When you allow them in make sure they know where there birthplace is , that they will respect our flag ,show there face for proper identification ,and will adapt to canadian way , ,,to name few ,

  8. Read that paragraph slowly and ask yourself, doesn’t that sound like a smart thing to do?

  9. Is it just me or does his name looked made up. The counterfeiters couldn’t come up with a better name or was that just the math subject he was studying when asked what name he wanted for his new identity lol

  10. Canada doesn’t have an open door policy toward immigrants, or refugees either.

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