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Quebec City Mosque statement: “We were attacked cowardly because (we’re) Muslims”

An official statement issued by the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec (Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec) calls the attack on Sunday January 29, 2017 “a carnage” and “an act of terror” that targeted Muslims only because of their faith.

Six Muslims were murdered and five others were critically injured by 2-3 gunmen who opened fire with automatic machine guns inside the mosque during prayer time. Police have not identified the perpetrators or their motive.

The following is the text of Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec’s statement:

Cry of the heart of the Islamic cultural centre of Quebec

Shock and dismay!

A Cowardly Act and free has touched the Muslim community of Quebec. Of terrorism perpetrated against humans in a state of prayer. A real carnage.

Tonight, we have been hit in the depths of ourselves by an act of terror without a name. Of terrorism!

A shooting in our mosque killing and injuring people in prayer.

We were attacked cowardly because Muslims. Fired at close range because Muslims. Dead because Muslims.

A scene of a brutality without name occurred in front of dozens of citizens québécois including children.

Shots fired, of the dead, loads of ammunition, roar, of the wounded. Blood on the prayer rug. A scene almost of war, our home in Quebec City, our town known for its tranquility. Children attended this barbarity foul.

Yesterday leaflets insulting in our letter box and hateful graffiti on the walls of the great mosque, yesterday also the head of a pig at the entrance to our place of worship, today of dead and wounded. What the future holds for us?

We are Muslims, we are citizens of Quebec and we lead a quiet life and respectful of our neighbors.

Like all our fellow citizens, we aspire to peace and appeasement of hearts!

Today, we are chagrinés and we are angry.

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