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Toronto Anti Trump rally: “No to KKK, white supremacy, fascist USA” (video)

On Monday, January 30, 2017 hundreds participated in a rally in front of the American Consulate in Toronto protesting US President Donald Trump’s Executive OrderProtecting the Nation form Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States”.

The order temporarily bars travellers with no valid visa from seven nations (including Syria) that are known of their support of terrorism or serves as major hubs for terrorist groups. Trump instructed the security agencies to formulate during the next few months a new policy to ensure a more effective security screening of terrorists and criminals before entering the US.

The protesters chanted the following slogans:

  • Act now! Trudeau.
  • Donald Trump has got to go.
  • No hate, no fear. Immigrants are welcome here.
  • Build the wall, we’ll tear it down.
  • Muslims’ rights are human rights.
  • No ban. No registry. No white supremacy.
  • No Trump. No KKK. No to fascist USA.

On the protest Facebook page the organizers posted the following:

Donald Trump is passing the most racist Executive Orders the US has seen in decades.

Refugees, many of them children, are trapped in airports and being turned back to a dangerous home.. because of their religion, their language, their skin colour.

Five Muslims were just murdered in Quebec City.

For all those who believe in a compassionate world, the time to act is now.

This is peaceful non-disruptive gathering, open to anyone. We are acting as allies, and not speaking on behalf of anyone, nor claiming to be a voice for this issue.

Photo gallery from the anti-Trump protest

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CIJnews Staff
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  1. They are just leftist cry babies….

  2. We need to kill the haters or is it hate the killers? So confusing


  4. KKK really lol so sad now it’s just getting stupid

  5. Bet there all paid to protest

  6. Canada is lost…. Trump is NOT racist …. You have no one to protect you from whats coming. The USA does.

  7. “hundreds” – in a city with a population of 2.8M – and how many of them were muslims?

  8. The Bloods and the Crips are huge supporters of Clinton. So are the Mexican mafia and many cartels………that’s how ridiculous these people sound

  9. A bunch of paid teenie boppers looking for something to do. Apparently they lack a normal life. Trump is right! Muslims are upset, well the world is upset by the ferocious murders taking place all over the world in the name of Islam.

  10. Obama did the same in 2011.

  11. Unless the ghetto united states is messing around with Canada, we Canadians, should stay out of yankee politics. That country (USA) is not our problem. Worry about Canada and what Trudeau and its political agenda are doing. Long live sacred Canada..

  12. The way Canadians are acting you would think the Americans are going to invade us. We don’t like people telling us how to run our country but it’s OK to tell them how to run theirs.

  13. Pretty sure Democrats/libs fought to keep the slaves

  14. LMAO are they also going to protest against BLM. They Mays well kill two birds with one stone. Good old George Sorro. Up to his old tricks

  15. I’ve noticed that all this anti-Trump hysteria, particularly since January 20th, is directly correlated to the fact that liberals/leftists control most of the news media and social media. They are also the only ones organizing and participating in demonstrations. As a result, it looks on the surface that the Trump administration is in chaos. Nothing can be further than the truth. Half the population is happy with Trump as he’s doing what he said he would do if elected. The other half simply cannot accept his presidency. It’s all opinion and perspective. I’m sure that Trump’s approval rating will rise shorty as the silent majority are not at all impressed with daily protests so soon after the inauguration. It’s quite deceptive really, because all you hear is anti-Trump rehtoric. Trump supporters are quiet but will rise up if pushed. So that’s why the liberals/leftists are having it their way at present. As people tire of their presence over time, hopefully everyone will be able to relax and work together instead of struggling against one another for the good of the country..

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