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Syed Hussan. Photo: CIJnews

Toronto Protest: “Celebrate our barbaric cultural practices”, become “enemies” of liberalism

Thousands gathered on Saturday, February 4, 2017 in front of the American Consulate in Toronto to protest the policy of US President Donald Trump. The demonstration was organized by Black Lives Matter – Toronto (BLM TO) – the self proclaimed “coalition of Black Torontonians resisting anti-Black racism, state-sponsored violence and police brutality” – that has launched a nation-wide campaign entitled “National Days of Action Against Islamophobia & Deportations.”

One of the speakers at the rally was Syed Hussan, who represented the organization No One Is Illegal-Toronto and is affiliated with Toronto Community Mobilization Network and Migrant Workers Alliance for Change.

In his speech, Syed Hussan portrayed white supremacy, capitalism and liberalism as the enemy describing Donald Trump and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the two sides of the same coin.

He called on the masses to organize and united under the common goal of dismantling the current governing system in the West, including by breaking down borders, prisons and detention centers, seizing farms and factories and becoming the enemies of the authorities.

We must celebrate our way of life, what they called barbaric cultural practices on our streets and in our homes until their way of life dissipates under our feet,” Syed Hussan said.

The following is the transcript of Syed Hussan’s speech:

I want you to repeat these names with me Mamadou [Tanou Barry], Abdelkrim [Hassane], Khaled [Belkacemi], Aboubaker [Thabti], Azzeddine [Soufiane], Ibrahima [Barry] shot, killed, murdered, executed, massacred while praying, for praying, never forget. Lives extinguished, families torn apart, children made fatherless, a river of tears.

A river of tears by the gun shots of a single man [Alexandre Bissonnette] or so we are told. An act of hate someone has to believe.

But this act, this attack, this shooting was no act of hate. It is a strategic act, and intentional act, a thoughtful act.

Mamadou [Tanou Barry], Abdelkrim Hassane] and Khaled [Belkacemi] were killed because they were seen as enemies. Aboubaker [Thabti], Azzeddine [Soufiane], Ibrahima [Barry] were killed not by a lone wolf, but because they were threats.

You see, we, you and I, pushed out by borders, beaten down by police and impoverished in our communities. We are threats. We are fundamental challenge to our system of oppressiveness, this destructive way of life that cherishes the few over the many.

This way for life is what killed them. It gauges on oil to spread its evil wings. And to steal this oil it must declare us, it must declare the places we come from with oil, anti of humanity. It must turn us into enemies.

This way of life is Islamophobia. It’s Capitalism. This way of life brings perpetual war, enraging war from Mosul (Iraq) to Mogadishu (Somalia), from the Chiapas (Mexico) to Chernobyl (Ukraine), from Aleppo (Syria) to Algeria.

For as long as there has been history, black, brown, we’re the others. It is on our deaths that this system, this way of life, dances. And this way of life is what killed those six men.

This way of life needs borders. It needs to divide some of us into citizens and the rest of us into undocumented, migraines, others.

It needs to steal Indigenous children, destroy language, disappear women. We are made into enemies, disposable, locked up in prisons, forced to do endangered labour, in forms of factories. Pushed of our lands, recorded, weighed and measured for our skin.

This murderous way of life is white supremacy. This way pf life needs to be taken care off, its children fed, its food cooked, its homes kept warm and for that it must have gender, women. Women that are made to serve but watch closely. This way life is patriarchy.

And this way of life, the one that killed our six loved ones, needs armed forces whose work is death. And it needs bureaucrats, it needs administrators to sustain it. It needs courthouses like this one [The Toronto Courthouse]. And it needs a public, a public that is you and I to uphold these laws, enforcing them in the smallest of ways as teachers that check ID cards, as nurses that check health cards.

This kind way of life is liberalism. And this way of life comes in all colours. It comes in the red, the blue and the orange of your political parties. It comes in many flavors. It comes in a caustic bile of [US President Donald] Trump and it comes in the saturated sweetness of [Justin] Trudeau, who defends Muslims, but will arm the [Saudi] bombing of Yemen, who defends Muslims, but will scrap to the likes of Barrick Gold [mining company] and will not clean the five decade long of mercury poisoning in Grassy [Narrows Reserve in Ontario].

So listen, why did drop bombs on us like [former US President Barack] Obama. What did they ban us like Trump? Or why did hug a few of us like Trudeau?

To them we are enemies. On one side is the border wall. On the other side is the enemy. On one side is the prison and inside the prison the enemy. On one side the police and underneath the police the enemy. On one side is the deportation judge and in front of him the enemy. On one side the slave ship and inside it the enemy. On one side the drone pilot and on its screen the enemy. On one side that murderer [Alexandre Bissonnette] and in front of him six men in prayer the enemy.

So today I say to you: become the enemy. Become the enemies that they have nightmares about. Let’s gather in the tens, the thousands, the hundreds thousands to form organizations and movements, movements that will exert power and reshape our society. In millions we need to rewrite history.

We cannot respond to Trudeau’s symbolic tweet with a symbolic protest. We must rest out the guns on front those that wishes that.

We must break down the borders that keep out migrants and refugees. We must tear down the prisons and the detention centers.

We will seize the farms and the factories. We must become the enemies, so that in this city everyone can live with food, shelter, dignity.

We must become the enemies that sow terror in their hearts so that laws like C-51 shredded away.

We must celebrate our way of life, what they called barbaric cultural practices on our streets and in our homes until their way of life dissipates under our feet.

Let us become enemies. Let us organize. Let us win. We cannot wait. Freedom is calling. This is what these demands, that demand of us, let us be enemies.

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About Jonathan D. Halevi

Jonathan D. Halevi
Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi is co-founder and editor of CIJnews and a senior researcher of the Middle East and radical Islam at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He is also a co-founder of the Orient Research Group Ltd.


  1. I just can’t get over the face that our government is allowing this to happen. The police are even turning a blind eye to what’s really going on. The country I was born & raised in, is gone.

  2. they all need to use their energy to go demonstrate in front of Wynne and protest the hydro rates but I think, none of them pay one..

  3. Anything or anyone connected to BLM is of hate and corruption. Basically it’s an Anti White, Anti Police Organization.

  4. The editorial staff and comments section of this fascist rag remain a fetid swamp of ignorance, hatred, and stupidity, I see.

  5. Don’t you have anything to do in your life except to bla-bla-bla? You made protesting as your profession!

  6. The racism the feel, they brought onto themselves.

  7. This is not America. They need to mind their business

  8. yep…I am sure trudeau is happy that this parasite was let into canada

  9. Will Muslims confront homophobia…I doubt it…

  10. I like to now what all the complainers do for living, how they get all this free time to be complain how lucky they are to be in Canada.

  11. If Canada is not free then he has a lot to learn about the world. He best go see it since Canada is so dehumanizing.

  12. mark those groups down and watch them for links to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism……..and Soros

  13. Where are the police?
    Where is Justin Trudeau on the matter?
    Where is the Lame Stream Media?

  14. To all of you, you are supposed to be CA. N

  15. Over to you Justin Trudeau. Here’s the creation you help create.

  16. Disgraceful !!! – – If he is so unhappy here …. GO HOME. GO HOME !!!!

  17. since when do we need these thugs here to speak for us the tax paying citizens who because we work and take care of our families dont have time for this crap

  18. Idiots …this was not a protest …….this was a promotion or racism , hatred and bigotry towards white people and all humanity !

  19. “We must celebrate our way of life, what they call barbaric cultural practices, on our streets and in our homes, until their way of life dissipates under our feet. Let us become enemies!”

  20. Are u kidding here’s what they get a month…

  21. Trudeau loves these people. What they need is a wake up call and to join the human race rather than the animal kingdom . Even animals have more sense then these ideological freaks of nature

  22. Sounds like a hate speech to me. Since there is a islamophobia hotline I suggest we should have a WASP hotline. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It should work both ways but I will be accused of being racist by some.

  23. Make work project for worthless enemies of our country and way of life.

  24. If only more people woke up and see what there real intentions are

  25. Bunch of anti white racists.Lets get rid of them.

  26. Not an ounce of testosterone in this entire crowd

  27. Get rid of that piece of crap and all blm . save the welfare for people that need it

  28. without the u s back economy you are nothing here or where ever you came from so shut up like in your country

  29. trudeau let the pigs out

  30. “Islamophobia, White Nationalism, Capitalism, Patriarchy and Liberalism ” need to be fought against. Dear god, what are our universities doing to these poor vulnerable people?

  31. Black Lives Matter are terrorists and hate mongers

  32. I’m so put off of hearing about protests about governments ,yes its true we in Canada and The USA.have not had in years a government that has ruled in honesty for all its people ,and in fact given away billions and billions of dollars to foreign country’s enstead of helping our own ,we don’t need protests we need new laws to disperse any leader that we find not fit or able to make fair and good judgements for its country and its people

  33. These people are Stupid Idiots……. they think it’s ok to open our borders for everyone and think no one is going to come in and perform acts of Terrorism. everyone has the right to come into Canada??? WTF!!!! Black lives matters are a bunch of Stupid Idiots!!!! and do you know what happens to stupid idiots??????? THEY MAKE THE LIST!!!!!!!

  34. F*cktardism is what North America has become. – A really ” Make you feel good moment” Seriously Canada gget your facts straight before going off like you’re the apes in the movie Planet of the Apes. How about you focus more on Canadian things Like High Hydro, getting Wynne out & taking on those who think it’s okay to be with a 9 year old girl. I wrote in short form after being bored listening for the answer to if this ban effects Canada. I simply wrote:You can work in America tomorrow Canadians. I think that to is an issue, our government is so boring people only here the first m in of stuff.

  35. Don’t like it here? Then please exercise your most basic right. The right to leave, and take the black lies matter fools with you.

  36. This group is very quickly eroding everything decent ,good ,hard working people have gained for different races ,colours and religions for the last 100 years . Their cause is lost on me

  37. BLM = Burn ,Loot, Murder. or just a black version of KKK.

  38. When the Quebec killings happened and the left wing people of the world were consoling the Muslims well the next time Muslims carry out another attack then we better see all these all these good Muslims March to console the innocent and Christian’s that got killed but you will never see it because the Muslims have no balls it’s there way or no way

  39. If these people worked half as hard at their jobs (Providing they have one) they’d be rich———-secondly if they protested with the same vigor when Islamic terrorists burn people alive-rape girls and sell them into slavery maybe they would not be viewed with such distrust

  40. I think it peta and blm got together there collective iq would be the temperature in °c

  41. may you drop dead and rot in hell

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