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Free Islamic books at Toronto’s Dundas Square on February 10, 2017

On February 10, 2017 Activists at the Islamic booth at Toronto’s Dundas Square offered for passerby free Islamic literature that included the following books:

The Quran – Saheeh International

The book presents a modern interpretation of the Quran that defines sodomy as evil deed and condones “light” wife beating for discipline purposes, punishing unmarried adulterers with 100 lashes, executing married adulterers by stoning, executing/ cutting of limbs/ crucifying perpetrators of serious crimes (terrorism, treason, aggression against the Islamic State), having non-Muslim slave women and imposing a poll tax on non-Muslims in the Islamic State. For more information click HERE.

Islam – Balancing life and beyond

The book states among other things the following (click HERE):

Relationship out of wedlock is known as ‘fornication’, punishable by Islamic Law in an Islamic state

Whereas when a woman chooses to show her body in one form or another, the message is only one: she wants attention and possibly much more.

Islam puts an upper limit of four wives and gives a man permission to marry two, three or four women.

Clear Your Doubts About Islam

The book states among other things the following (click HERE):

People nowadays, especially Westerners, are opposed to the Islamic punishment for fornication and adultery because they see it as too harsh or disproportionate to the offense…

Islam views sexual relationships outside of marriage as a very serious matter… Islam emphasizes protection of the family by imposing severe punishments for activities that threaten the family foundation. These punishments are the same for men and women, and only a legitimate Islamic government has the right to implement them…

In reality the punishment is seldom carried out and serves primarily as a deterrent… Any government under which Shari’ah legislation is applied must establish justice as its core value in all affairs so that the social and cultural environment is suitable for all its people to live an upright and moral life. It is only after these conditions have been fulfilled that a government is entitled to implement penalties on its land.

Muslim Prayer Handbook for Beginners

The booklet recommends Muslims to recite a number of supplications to Allah to overcome and defeat the enemies of Islam who are identified as the disbelieving people (click HERE):

Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and our transgressions, establish our feet firmly, and give us victory over the disbelieving people.

Our Lord! Bestow on us patience, make our foothold sure, and give us help against the disbelieving folk.

Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget, or fall into error. Our Lord! Let not on us a burden like that which You laid on those before us. Our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Pardon us and grant us forgiveness . Have mercy on us. You are our protector, and give us victory over the disbelieving people.

The Religion of All Time

The book states (click HERE):

Finally, we should not forget that deviant ideologies are germs that have infected many communities over the centuries. For the sake of political greed, the West stigmatized Islamic countries as the homeland of “terrorism,” but no definition has been clearly specified until now that it originates from Islamic lands.

For more information on the free Islamic literature that has been handed out at the Islamic booth at Toronto’s Dundas Square click HERE.

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