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CBC asks whether the media should report criminal charges against refugees

On February 10, 2017, CBC News tweeted the following question: “When a refugee faces criminal charges, should the public be told?”

The question was raised following the arrest of a Syrian refugee by Edmonton Police in connection to several cases of sexual assaults and sexual interference.

On February 8, 2017, The Edmonton Police Service issued the following informative statement:

The Edmonton Police Service Zebra Child Protection Section has charged a 39-year-old male in connection with multiple sexual assaults that occurred over the weekend at a west-end water park.

West Division patrol officers responded to the West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark at approximately 10:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017, after receiving sexual assault allegations.

It was reported to police the accused inappropriately touched multiple teenaged girls, while they were swimming at the waterpark. Upon arrival, patrol members were led to the accused male by WEM security officials, at which time he was arrested and taken into custody.

Child Protection Section has since taken over the investigation.

Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, 39, has been charged with sexual assault (x6) and sexual interference (x6).

The Edmonton Police’s statement did not mention any more details about the suspect. Media outlet, including CBC, Global News and The Rebel, reported that Soleiman Hajj Soleiman is a Syrian refugee, father of six who arrived in Canada in January 2016.

Identifying Soleiman Hajj Soleiman as a Syrian refugee was criticized by the Muslim community. Mohamed Huque, executive director of the Islamic Family and Social Services Association, told CBC that the reports about Soleiman’s refugee status unfairly vilified an entire community. Huque added that the case has already being used to incite fear of new immigrants, and has cast a negative light on thousands of refugees.

The Canadian mainstream media systemically avoids publishing negative stories on the Syrian refugees. CBC’s reports constantly promote a positive image of the Syrian refugees, their integration and contribution to society. Here are some of CBC’s most latest articles (Jan-Feb 2017):

  • ‘Brute determination’: Syrian refugee mom gives birth hours after reaching new home (click HERE)
  • Yukon’s first Syrian refugee family, 1 year later (click HERE)
  • Syrian refugee, Algoma U student, calls Sault Ste. Marie a safe place to call home (click HERE)
  • Syrian Refugee Support Group gets much-needed warehouse space (click HERE)
  • Syrian refugee family set to open Damascus Donair in Thunder Bay (click HERE)
  • A Syrian refugee says he found peace at a GTA vigil after mass shooting in his new country (click HERE)
  • ‘Part of our legacy’: Photography project gives Edmonton refugees new family portraits (click HERE)
  • This Syrian family has been reunited thanks to a unique partnership between a mosque and a synagogue (click HERE)
  • Multi-faith group welcomes recent Syrian refugees to Regina (click HERE)
  • Syrian sisters receive ‘miracle’ kidney transplants days apart (click HERE)
  • Syrian finds new life with help from his first friend in Fredericton (click HERE)

Backed with official documents acquired by Freedom of Information (FOI) request, The Rebel Media excursively exposed sexual harassment and assaults by Syrian students refugees in Fredericton high school. The first story was belatedly and shortly was reported by other media outlets with no follow-ups. The Rebel’s second report was ignored. In October 2016, The Mississauga Gazette published a story about incidents of alleged sexual harassment in a local high school.

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  1. Are those in CBC that confused that they need to consult with the viewer to give an account…??? This must be a ploy for social interaction… otherwise the CBC should be shut down for incompetence… and the abuse of our tax dollars… I want my $$$ back.

  2. Just turn CBC off and don’t worry about it. If enough people do this the problem takes care of itself.

  3. More media attention should happen if they are not a citizen no matter how small

  4. ALL news is to be reported…….aren’t the taxpayers paying for housing etc. for the refugees……

  5. we have the bloody right to know ffs.

  6. They’re asking the question then they’ll pick the answers that they like and say Canadians are in favor keeping that secret that’s how our propaganda machine called the CBC operates

  7. Sure. As long as those crimes are also reported if committed by a white person.

  8. You have a responsibility…right? Or is it only to protect Trudeau’s decisions…sounds like it to me. Hitler did this you know….

  9. YES!! Make Sure All Canadians Know The Damage Caused By Trudeau Allowing These People Into Our Country, Who Believe Rape And Murder Are Allowed. THEY ARE NOT!!!!

  10. Just shows you how serious the pending take over effort is.

  11. Stupid question…just report the news as it is with pertinent details

  12. Innocent until proven guilty is American law not Canadian

  13. Lyle Simpson move to Syria and take the whole lot with you, if you went to their country and broke the law you’ld be imprisoned for life or executed. To only other option is one we need but you probably don’t agree on either, Death Sentence. We shouldn’t be expected to house these animals for commuting any crimes

  14. Yes because everyone is saying about all these crimes the refugees are committing and we never hear them so I would like to know for sure if they are right or just people spouting their hate about refugees to stir up people against them.I like proven facts.

  15. Why does Canada insist on treating immigrants like children…smacks of the bigotry of low expectations. Treat them like adult Canadians.

  16. If they have to even contemplate that question & ask for advice…..they are not intelligent or competent enough to work in the field of journalism….

  17. Yes they should why not who are they they come into our Country and expect to get better treatment than us Canadian no way

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