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Sandra Solomon. Photo: CIJnews

Sandra Solomon slams Trudeau, Muslim leaders for not condemning anti-Jewish hate speech

Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim of Palestinian descent, harshly criticized Prime Minister Trudeau and Canadian Muslim leaders for not condemning a sermon by Quebec Imam Sayed AlGhitaw during which he prayed for the annihilation of Jews.

During a prayer at Al Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal, AlGhitawi prayedi to Allah to “give victory to our brothers who engage in Jihad in Palestine”, to “destroy the accursed Jews” and to “make their children orphans and their women widows”.

In a video posted to Facebook, Solomon said: “This is an imam in Quebec who is openly preaching hate and genocide and destruction of Jewish people. I am Palestinian myself and I’ve been listening to this anti-Semitism since I was 5 years old. They taught me that I have to hate Jews, and we have to wipe them off. Anti-Semitism is rooted in the Koran and in the teachings of Mohammed, the founder of Islam.”

“The question is why so-called peaceful Muslims are not condemning this hateful act? Why the government and Trudeau are quiet about it? Why ICNA Canada (Islamic Circle of North America), Doctor Iqbal Al-Nadvi (Muslim Chaplain of the Canadian army and Canada’s top imam), are not talking about this hateful speech and yet when we criticize Islam, they call it Islamophobia? Freedom of speech is going to be always, always there. And we’re going to be always talking and nothing is going to stop us.”

“Where are you, Muslims, where are you, big Imams, where are you Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvi, where are you Trudeau, not condemning this hateful act calling for genocide of the Jewish people on Canadian soil?”

“On top of that they want to pass Motion 103, the ‘Islamophobia’ motion. We need to stand for our freedom and for our country”, Sandra added.

Motion 103, tabled by MP Iqra Khalid, is scheduled for a vote in Parliament on February 16, 2017. The motion, which does not define Islamophobia, calls on the government to recognize the need to “quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear”, to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination” and “to request that the government undertake a study on how the government could develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia, in Canada”.

Critics of the motion are concerned that the motion singles out Muslims for preferential protection while ignoring other religious minorities, and that criminalizing Islamophobia, without clearly defining what Islamophobia is, would, in effect, silence all legitimate criticism of political Islam, including political Islam and Sharia law, and would deal a blow to free speech in Canada.

A Muslim-Jewish interfaith group which says the motion is “antithetical to the Canadian values we cherish”, is calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to vote against it. In a letter to Trudeau, Muslim Jewish Dialogue of Toronto wrote: “Like all religious groups, Muslims are already protected under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and criminal law. They do not need a separate law which is supported by groups that have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and in essence are trying to put in place a form of sharia blasphemy law”.

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About Ilana Shneider

Ilana Shneider
Ilana Shneider is the co-editor of CIJnews and the founding executive director of Canada-Israel Friendship Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the mutually beneficial, long-standing diplomatic, economic and cultural ties between Canada and Israel. She can be reached at


  1. Please vote against motion 103.

  2. Well he is “for all people and against all hatred”…lmao What a joke he is. He is the worst hypocrite I have ever seen in my life.

  3. Thank You, I have seen the actual video but was now blocked and removed from the internet. Thank you government the more you remove the more we understand the manipulation and control.

  4. How can the Canadian citizens help speak out without being labeled racist or islamaphobe.
    We need voice !! Why isn’t this being told in churches throughout Canada to inform the public ?

  5. Agree – shared same sentiment last week !’

  6. Trudeau is no friend of Canadians ………. he is a Muslim , check it out .. see him praying with the Muslims wearing outfit called a jalabiyyah for pray……………………… he is NO CHRISTIAN !!!

  7. Motion 103 is to be voted on this week – Feb.16th. Freedom of speech will be affected. Speak now or forever wish you had. Where are the peaceful muslims speaking against this hatred? Where is the Prime Minister speaking? Check out the reaction from Conservative MP Maxime Bernier ‘s facebook site.

  8. The only “Muslim” we should take is one that doesn’t practice their faith. A person that follows Muhammad and does what he commands is what we would call a Radical Islamic.That is the whole problem with Islam and why they even fight their own. Once a so called Muslim understands what is required of them to really follow their faith they are now what we call Radicals Islamic.

  9. Justin Trudeau is a Muslim there is no doubt about it. And if he is not stopped he will hand our country over to RADICAL ISLAM. They are as bad as Nazi’s they just aren’t organized enough yet to commit genocide on a large scale. Jihad , is what they call it, that’s right they have a word for their plan! And I said Nazi’s not Germans to be clear.

  10. Motion M-103 put forth by Liberal Iqra Khalir a Liberal Back bencher has submitted this Motion under the the word Islamophobia for Hate and racist statements against the Muslim people now living in Canada. To include this in our Charter of Rights and Freedom of speech is no more than a gag order to anyone making comments about Muslims. This a concern to all Canadians, How can you have a law strictly for one religion. But the bigger issue is where do we as a nation move forward in open dialogue to express our viewpoints and feelings, without being charged with a hate crime statement. Justin Trudeau is Catering to his new religion, and frankly doesn’t really care for white Canadians West of Quebec.

  11. Thanks, Sandra… Please be careful, and take care of yourself out there, too!!

  12. We need people like her in the US. Bravo!

  13. If Trudeau gets his way this will be one of the last opportunities to speak out against Muslim terrorist!

  14. Now you see the True Color of Trudeau , where his heart is and his priorities begins , it already started after his win when he said Canada is back ,,his father is ,,who never like Israel , he see his world in the eyes of Castro , not democracy or the world of the Jews , the Muslim seems to fit his quest , now that’s democracy , you are free to choice , the only problem ,he was not elected to put our money to where he is putting them ,

  15. Sandra is amazing! Listen to her and, better yet, join her voice !

  16. Finally someone with balls speaks out!

  17. This person should be deported with his family. Imam or not , he is inciting people to kill!

  18. My words are lost , maybe the people will listen to this lady , she has had the experience. Don’t wait til it’s knocking on your door to speak out.

  19. I guess he didn’t see it as a “hate” speech. Trudeau is all about the Muslims.

  20. Folks everyone understands the meaning of emigration.No one against good ethical educated, hard working emigrants who are faithful to the country which gave them life.And the good moderate muslims but people and politicians fail to understand the problems section of emigrants who come to the western world for a better life are dangerous.As soon as they are settled turn around and become violent guns drug dealings looting some in the muslim community become rapists terror linked jihadi muslims with hate speech instigated by their imams in their Mosques. asking for shariya law ,establishing no go zones to nonmuslims hate anything and everything nonislamic some indulge in tax evasion activities some dont want to go to work saying theyare state guests…you must ahve not experienced some of these things just mentioned like the politicians living in their castle.Ordinary people are fed up seeing this happening all around the world whee countries tried to help emigrants .maay reports are coming where muslim refugees get into public pools and molest young girls,older men muslim refugees say their only 10 and sit with kids in tiny tables and desks and colouring have you ever heard these stories?common wake up we are not rasiists but ordianry people scared whats going to happen in 20 yeras our kids jabeve to live among this violent people?is is this what you want to leave to our future generations ?also no one seems to ask the question why aren”t the oil rich muslim countries right next to them not taking in any of these syrian refugees not even a dollar is spent and why only christian western countries have to take them all?they can create a safe zone and ones things are improved they can go back to their culture and beileves ?Why come to countires they hate so much?

    • A friend and I were wondering the same thing about why no rich muslim countries take any refugees of their own faith.Another thing as I watched cbc coverage of the funeral they stopped translating part way through. Now we know why.. They didnt want us to hear that particular part of the prayer against the Jews..I dont hate muslims as people..God created all of us but i take issue with their religion. Its a religion of hate.

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