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CIJA files complaint against Quebec imam who prayed for destruction of Jews

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), a non-partisan organization that serves as the advocacy arm of the Jewish Federations of Canada, issued on Monday, February 13, 2017 an official statement condemning the supplications for the destruction of the Jews that were recited in a Quebec mosque in 2014 and exposed by CIJnews last week.

In response, Rabbi Reuben Poupko, Co-Chair of CIJA-Québec, issued the following:

We condemn these explicit calls for the death of Jews in the strongest possible terms. Such hateful, violent rhetoric has no place in our democracy or in any religion. We have brought this to the attention of the police and are in the process of filing a formal complaint, as we believe these declarations may be a violation of the Criminal Code.

We urge government and civil society leaders of all faiths to join us in condemning these comments as abhorrent and unacceptable.

To watch the videos click HERE.

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CIJnews Staff
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  1. Well, it is about time! Hopefully, the charge will stick and at the same time, the jerk at McGill will be charged as well.

  2. I would hope besides this, the law will through the book at him, he must have lied some place along the line to get into Canada, he is not showing Canadian values , deport him now.

  3. Good for them. Someone needs to speak out against the spreading of hate and incitement of violence.

    Go CIJA.

  4. I pray to God that the Messiah , His Son, Christ Jesus will return to reign in the City of God , Jerusalem on the Holy Temple ( Mount Moriah) over His people the Jews and bring peace for 1000 beautiful years……….. Lord Jesus will take care of all evil at that time. “Hallelujah”!

  5. Good Luck for many Muslim organizations condemning this @CIJA.. Maybe one or two organizations will “condemn” it if you are lucky, CIJA. I guess you will learn it is not always reciprocated every time Muslims are treated horribly and you are right by their side…. As an addendum, why only condemn? Why not sue the pants off this Islamic POS?

  6. yes ! more of this…hold them accountable. #EndCivilizationJihad #ProtectOurChildren

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