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David Johnston. Official photo

Governor General to visit Sweden to strengthen ties between “inclusive societies”

David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, will conduct a State visit to the Kingdom of Sweden from February 19 to 23, 2017 accompanied with parliamentarians and Canadian leaders from academia, innovation, trade and civil society.

The official delegation includes Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science, MPs Larry Bagnell, Thomas Mulcair and Bruce Stanton, Heather Grant, Ambassador of Canada to the Kingdom of Sweden, Alexandra Bugailiskis, Assistant Deputy Minister, Europe, Middle East and Maghreb, Global Affairs Canada, Roy Norton, Chief of Protocol of Canada, Patricia Jaton and Deputy Secretary to the Governor General of Canada

The accompanying Delegation includes Perrin Beatty, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Naheed K. Nenshi, Mayor, City of Calgary, Daniel Alfredsson, Senior Advisor, Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, Dr. Sophie d’Amours, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Université Laval, Nadia Duguay Co-founder, Exeko, and Member, Executive Committee, CCUNESCO, Alia Hogben, Executive Director, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Dr. Art McDonald, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University, Joy Nott, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters, Maatalii Okalik, President, National Inuit Youth Council, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK), Karen Oldfield, President and Chief Executive Officer, Halifax Port Authority, Iain Stewart, President, National Research Council of Canada.

According to the official statement the delegation “will enhance relations with their counterparts from Sweden” and “these exchanges will further strengthen Canada’s ties with Sweden, with a particular focus on innovation, trade, and inclusive and sustainable societies.”

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  1. That is quite the gang, that will cost us plenty and just another jaunt with a propaganda purpose. Lots of photo-ops with no sign of trouble. Inclusive, what a joke. Will you be strolling around the rape capital of the world? Can’t believe what this GG has lowered himself to do. It’s another disgusting , waste of money idea, suckling in people in key positions to help get the agenda going forward. It gets more crazy and disgusting everyday.

  2. Sweden is totally destroyed by Islamic immigration. He will have just a good idea of what is coming here!!!

  3. So Trudope wants stronger relations with the Fascist regime of Swedenstan

    No surprise from this anti-Semite govt.

    Heil Trudope.

  4. Please GG stay over there! You belong there!

  5. Don’t expect any and I mean any comments about the problem with ISLAM from the Liberals with this trip

  6. He used to be an honest and sincere man but now he is just another Trudeau puppet.

  7. Waste of time. It will all come back positive. How else would it be reported

  8. Hope he get a view of Canada’s Muslim hord in the near future that his buddy Trudeau is bringing to us !

  9. No women allowed on this trip !

  10. Well, just make sure you have lots of police for protection and don’t go to the area that police are afraid to go in. Grow a beard may help, bullet proof vest would be good advice too.

  11. You are a fool old man, you will find out how inclusive they are if you go to the wrong place.

  12. Canada is searching for who to align with… Will it be Europe? Will it be Iran? Will we be wandering in the desert….?

  13. I hope he visits some of the Muslim “no go zones”, where the police refuse to go. Inclusive is not what I would call it.

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