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Walied Khogali. Photo: CIJnews

Toronto pro Islam protest calls for changing the white supremacist Islamophobic system

The anti-Islamophobia, anti “white”-supremacy and anti Justin Trudeau protest at Toronto’s Nathan Philips Square on Saturday, March 4, 2017 highlighted the following messages: “Refugees welcome, (Fascists not), Yes to refugees, No to Islamophobia, No to war in Syria and Iraq [against ISIS, Daesh, Caliphate]”. For more information click HERE.

The first speaker on behalf the Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia (OCAI) accused Justin Trudeau Liberal government among other things of espousing white supremacist policy, committing ongoing “genocide” against the Indigenous people, arming the Islamic regime of Saudi Arabia that bombed Yemeni children and exploiting refugees and immigrants. She called the federal government to repeal the Barbaric Cultural Practices Act that criminalizes forced marriage and tackles ‘honour killings’. To read the transcript of her speech and watch the video click HERE.

The Canadian flag was not displayed and the National Anthem was not played at the protest. For a photo gallery from the event click HERE.

One of the speakers at the rally was Syed Hussan, who is affiliated with the organizations No One Is Illegal-Toronto, Toronto Community Mobilization Network and Migrant Workers Alliance for Change. In his speech, Syed Hussan portrayed Canada as a rogue state accusing Justin Trudeau Liberal government of implementing a colonial policy, taking part in wars and criminally neglecting indigenous people. Hussan said that anti-islamophobia motion is not enough calling for an orchestrated popular struggle to make sure that “racists” cannot gather and to “cut off the head of racism.”

Walied Khogali, member of the Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia (OCAI) and the brother of Yusra Khogali co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, said in his speech that this new movement strives to “change the system that benefits from white supremacy and Islamophobia.”

The following are excerpts from Walied Khogali’s speech:

The rise of white supremacy and the spread of Islamophobia it’s not going down. It’s only increasing and it’s real…

We will never ever ever going to allow hate to dominate the political rhetoric. I call them, [the] political representatives, I call them career politicians, because they don’t give the shit about Canadian values. The don’t give a shit on all of us. They are putting us in a harm’s way to their own political gain. We will send a message to them that we are are not going to stand when they choose political rhetoric that is hateful to divide and conquer us

We are people of conscious that want to change a system that benefits from white supremacy and Islamophobia.

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