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Photo: CIJA-Quebec

Antisemitic messages discovered on hacked Cote St Luc swim team attendance sheet

Pro-Hezbollah and antisemitic comments were discovered recently on a Google document belonging to a Cote St Luc swim team.

The parent of a child on the CSLA swim team in Cote St Luc went to check the team’s attendance sheet hosted by Google Docs, and discovered that the document had been hacked.

The hacker had gained access to the Google Document on January 9th, replacing the names of the children with “Zachary DuJuif,” “Hassan Nasrallah” (leader of the Hezbollah terror group), “F*** YOU ISRAEL,” and “VIVE HEZBOLLAH.”

The document also contained praise for Hamas, an image of what appears to be an Islamic terrorist training site, a screencap of a Tweet containing sexist material, and the statement “Khalil a tuer 7 juif” (a misspelled French statement meaning “Khalil has killed seven Jews”).

A large image of Nasrallah was displayed on the page along with his quote “we are going to win because they love life and we love death.”

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs were informed of the hack and notified the police. “We strongly condemn and are alarmed by these death threats against the Jewish community left on the attendance sheet of a children’s swim team,” said Rabbi Reuven Poupko. “We feel that it is imperative to promptly investigate this incident, as it is with any hate crime, and that the perpetrator or perpetrators be brought to justice.”

The Mayor of Cote St Luc, Mitchell Brownstein, said that the city had contacted Google to try and obtain the hacker’s IP address. City officials have also been in touch with Montreal police.

Police did not confirm if a complaint had been filed due to confidentiality reasons, but they told La Journal Metro that they have received 41 reports of hate incidents and 11 reports of hate crimes since the February 2 Quebec mosque terror attack as of February 7th.

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