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Ontario government implies “systemic racism” is unique to white people

Michael Coteau, Minister of Children and Youth Services and Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism, published on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 the “Three Year Anti-Racism Strategic Plan” that will start “collecting race-based data” as a “valuable way to better understand where racial inequalities exist.”

Coteau’s statement implies that “systemic racism” is exclusively prevalent within white people by identifying its victims as “Black, Indigenous and other racialized people.”

In this regard Coteau said the following:

The plan is part of government’s commitment to fight systemic racism and create fair and equitable outcomes for Black, Indigenous and other racialized people.

Ontario is combatting systemic racism by releasing a new three year strategic plan in order to break down barriers for racialized people across the province, including Black, Indigenous and other racialized communities.

The “Three Year Anti-Racism Strategic Plan” includes:

Developing a framework for the collection of race-based data in various institutions, including the child welfare system and the justice, education and health sectors. Collecting race-based data is a valuable way to better understand where racial inequalities exist, which will help government work toward solutions to address it.

A new Ontario Black Youth Action Plan targeted at increasing access to supports and opportunities for Black children, youth and their families to address outcomes disparities.

Implementing an anti-racism impact assessment framework to help anticipate and remove unconscious bias in proposed policies, programs and decisions.

New legislation that would, if passed, ensure the sustainability and accountability of the province’s anti-racism work by providing a framework for government and organizations to identify and combat systemic racism.

Public education and awareness initiatives targeting racism, including Islamophobia and antisemitism

Eliminating systemic racism and advancing racial equity is part of Ontario’s plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

For more information click HERE.

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Israel Bond RRSP Jan 2017

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