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Lior Raz. Photo: MNJCC

Fauda in Toronto

By Lee Mes and Maia Shani

Israeli and Jewish Community of Toronto came together to hear Lior Raz, the co-creator and main actor of the acclaimed TV show Fauda.

Last Monday March 6ththe Sanctuary hall of Beth Tzedek was packed! The sign on the front doors read: SOLD OUT. Among the 1200 attendees one could find students and established professionals, Israeli – Canadians as well as local Torontonians. It was a moment of pride to the 3 organizers: Liraz Rot Rolniztki from MNJCC, Lior Cyngiser from Hillel Ontario, and Yacov Fruchter from Beth Tzedek. They truly created an opportunity for our community to engage with Israel, with Israeli culture, and with its current reality in a way that was meaningful and appealing to all.

Lior Raz the star of the show delivered a captivating presentation. As a retired under cover special forces soldier, fluent in Arabic, he fascinated the audience with his personal experiences that shaped his life, and the auto biographic stories that made their way into the script of the TV series.

Fauda, explained Lior, means chaos in Arabic, and is a term that the Palestinian population stared to use during the Intifada (Uprising to called each other to come out and participate in the street riots. The undercover unit started using the term when they got discovered and needed more troops to come to the rescue.

As a worrier turned actor, Lior is able to illustrate the Israeli Palestine conflict through a wide lens that portrays all the characters in the show, as fully round characters who have loved ones, who are not perfect, and who are sometimes making mistakes due to their emotional state.

Fauda is now offered for viewing through Netflix to people in 190 countries, and Lior often gets letters from people around the world, who writes that after watching the show they have a different appreciation and understanding of the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict. It also helps Israelis to understand the “other side”.

Lior is not too optimistic that a peace deal will be reached any time soon, “but”, says Lior, “the show made a lot of people in Israel want to learn how to speak Arabic…it is now considered sexy, and if we can speak to each other, we might be able to understand each other better…and maybe have good relationships with one another on a personal level, if not on the political level”

For those who are interested in being informed about future programs by the organizers, here are the links:


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