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The Beaverton on “the Jews and their perpetual allies: dumb, angry white people”

The Beaverton, the Canadian far left news satire publication, based in Toronto, Montreal and Whitehorse, continues to target Ezra Levant co-founder of The Rebel Media in an attempt to ridicule him and his views on national security and radical Islam.

A recent article on The Beaverton by Jacob Duarte Spiel calls The Rebel Media “far right” media outlet which has “alt-right audience” who “won’t turn on him [Ezra Levant] when they find out he’s Jewish.”

By mocking Levant, Jacob Duarte Spiel implicitly suggests that the Jews ally themselves with pro-white, nationalist groups and angry, armed crypto-fascists.

The following are excerpts from Jacob Duarte Spiel’s article (March 13, 2017):

Levant believes that by popularizing this highly exclusionary viewpoint, he can keep black people, Muslims, Romani, and Eritreans out, leaving the country safe for angry, armed crypto-fascists and also Jews…

Levant says he’s excited by the response he’s received across the country, adding that the eventual economic downfall of an ethnonationalist Canada would not lead to the enraged white majority scapegoating him and his religious group…

Yup, looks like it’s smooth sailing for the Jews and their perpetual allies: dumb, angry white people,” said Levant, who is again, Jewish.

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